I am NOT a fangirl…or am I?

Welcome to my new blog! I started this blog for two reasons: 1) I didn’t want to bore non-boybanders who read my other blog and 2) I want to dispel the notion of the typical fangirl.

Now, I know more than most that the term “fangirl” immediately conjures up a not-so-flattering image.

Here’s what most people think a fangirl is:

A girl, 12 to 17 years old, who is pathetically obsessed with a celebrity or band to the point of mental breakdowns complete with crying and screaming jags upon thinking of said objects of obsession.

Or…someone who looks like this:

This is probably what my own mother looked like fangirling over The Beatles (Photo credit: http://anothergirl83.tripod.com/id266.html)

Yes, that description might have some truth to it, but in all my years of being a music fan, I have found a vast majority of fangirls who are far removed from that stereotype. This blog will be a celebration of all these wonderful people I have met.

And it will be a celebration of the art of fangirling. Now, at first, I didn’t particularly like the term “fangirl.” I thought it sounded dismissive, condescending, and mean. Many people throw the term around as an insult, to disregard a young girl’s opinions and lump all fans into the category of “crazy stalker.”

But now I kind of embrace the term, because I know differently. I think “fangirl” is cheeky, funny, and appropriate sometimes. You’ll see what I mean as I start to blog about my 40+ years of experience in the subject.

So, rather than fight it, now I consider myself a fangirl. It makes life more fun.

Thanks for reading and prepare yourself for some serious fangirling.