So you wanna be a fangirl? Some basic rules…

In my forty-plus years of fangirling, I’ve learned a few things about being a fan. I’d now like to share them with you.

Here are the Top 5 Dos and Don’ts of Fangirling

1. Don’t bombard your non-fangirl friends with talk of your obsession

I understand you are excited over your love of your new favorite band, but you will lose friends fast if you talk incessantly about your love. Just like when a girl speaks only of the cute things her new boyfriend does, is, gives to her, says about her, etc. (you know–the kind of girl you roll your eyes at), you will end up being the kind of girl people will want to avoid.

Keep your love in check around friends, and instead find other fans you can fangirl with when the time is right.

2. Do remember your priorities and responsibilities

Sure you’d like to chuck all chores and ignore everything else going on in your life just so you can stare at posters of your beloved hanging on your wall, but you must resist the urge. Stay in school, don’t skip classes, do all your homework, don’t skip work, and make sure all responsibilities are covered before engaging in fangirling. If everything is completed and handled in your life, then no one has anything to complain about.

Then you can fangirl to your heart’s content.

3. Don’t cause unnecessary attention to yourself

The easiest way to get kicked out of someplace? Cause a scene. If you ever get the chance to meet your idols, stay calm. Do not run, shout, or scream. I understand the excitement may be overwhelming, but the attention you attract is so much worse. If you are calm, you will be rewarded. I’ve been to many events and locations where cool and collected fans are meeting celebrities and then the crazy screamers come barreling through, pushing people over and crying in everyone’s faces. As soon as that happens, celebrities leave or security comes and asks everyone else to leave. Then no one gets to meet them.

For your sake, and for the sake of others, please don’t be one of those people.

4. Do keep your head (and heart) in reality

Fantasy is fun. Fantasy is exciting. And fantasy is easy to get caught up in. I’ve had the rock star fantasy and it’s great. You know, the one where your idol is going to fall in love at first sight of you standing in a crowd of other fans. You will, of course, be the one he chooses.Well, I hate to burst your bubble but the reality is…it really doesn’t happen. Now, having a pretend rock star boyfriend is fun, but don’t let it get in the way of you finding something good in real life. You could be missing out on great adventures with amazing boys, just because you have your heart set on dating your celebrity crush.

Don’t miss out on living a real life while you’re waiting for something that will most likely remain a fantasy.

5. Do have fun and keep drama out of the fandom

Being a fan is a blast. It’s even better when you can share your love with other fans. But don’t turn it into a competition. You are all in the fandom for the same reason–your admiration for the same artist, group, actor, or celebrity. It doesn’t matter if you’ve met your crush 50 times or not even once, because it is not a contest. There is no need to one-up other fans or be jealous of other fans. So what if someone has every CD ever made, including all imports and bootlegs? So what if someone’s walls are covered with 500 posters while someone else only has 3? So what if someone traveled across the Atlantic in a kayak with only a granola bar for food just to see their favorite band on the other side of the world? True fans realize that jealousy, pettiness, and bickering only hurts their idols. It breeds negativity and negativity can spread quickly in the fandom.

Remember: it’s not about how much you’ve done, or how long you’ve done it. It’s about doing it for the love of your idol.

Did I forget anything? What would you add to the Official Fangirl Rule Book, if there was one? Let me know in the comments. 🙂