Okay. So, this happened…

I am such a ridiculous fangirl. I totally admit it.

But I don’t want the whole world thinking I’m a freak. Yet, that is what is about to occur. You see, I went to see the boys (and by that I mean The Wanted) off at the airport over the weekend. Yes, I am one of THOSE kind of fans.

Anyway, now I’m on the internet, courtesy of Rumorfix.com

See it with the article here: The Wanted at LAX

Or see my twenty seconds of shame below, as I’m posing for photos with Jay McGuiness, starting at 4:44.

The boys were fabulous, kind, and generous with their time as always. They always give so much of themselves to their fans–new and old. It is so refreshing to see.

Yes, they are young, and they are boys, so they may not always say the right thing (see the comment about Xtina) but I think that’s refreshing too. They aren’t toeing the company line yet. I hope they never do. I like their candid, open and honest personalities.

At least they’re always pleasant with the fans. All five boys took the time to take pictures, sign autographs, and chat with everyone for a good half an hour. I think every girl (and woman) went away from the airport feeling super-appreciated and loved by the boys.

I know I did.

Alright. I’m a sucker for charming British/Irish boys. I admit that too.