NKOTW – Lee Taemin

Last weekend, Los Angeles had the fortune of hosting the KBS Open Concert as part of the LA Korea Festival…and I had the fortune of attending. SQUEE!

For weeks leading up to the concert, I mentally prepared myself to see my favorite idols in person. Some of my favorite groups were gonna be there: SHINee, INFINITE and Girl’s Day, along with other groups I love like 2PM, CNBLUE and Dynamic Duo.  I had to prepare myself to handle all the amazingness!

Jonghyun from SHINee? Yup, I could handle his perfection. Sunggyu and Myungsoo from INFINITE? It was gonna be painful, but I could see them without passing out. Hoya and his DANCING?! Ugh. I could do it. I really could.

But who I didn’t prepare for was the person who affected me the most–Taemin from SHINee.

Cr: Andrew Kuang and Mark Ubiadas of Koreaboo.com ©2014
Cr: Andrew Kuang and Mark Ubiadas of Koreaboo.com ©2014

What? But Taemin’s not even my SHINee bias! How did he get so beautiful? When did that happen?!

Somewhere over the last year, Taemin grew up, and I’m forever grateful. His voice is fuller and richer, his dancing is masculine and he’s grown in to his height. He’s lost his little boy features but kept all the boyish charm. But he also added a bit of manly charm, and I love it.

But don’t just take my word for it. Watch my fancam from the KBS Open concert (sorry it’s shaky. I was a little excited. Oops). You’ll see just how much of a star Taemin really is.

So, in honor of his magical ways of ruining my bias list (after all, Minho is actually my SHINee bias), I christen Taemin the inaugural Noona Killer of the Week (NKOTW). I’ll be picking a new idol each week as the NKOTW but, for now, let’s just bask in Taemin’s glow.

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  1. U went to the L.A Kpop festival??? OMG I did too!! I had so much fun and with my friends Was even more fun. BEST DAY!!

    1. I’m so happy we had a free concert here. It allowed so many people to go. I’m all for spreading the word about K-Pop! Glad you had a good time!

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