We have a winner!

You all couldn't win, but will a rose from B.A.P do?
You all couldn’t win, but will a rose from B.A.P do?

So, after much heartache and indecisiveness, I have chosen a winner for the B.A.P tickets to tomorrow’s concert.

This was the most stressful thing I’ve done in a long time. I hate disappointing people, but I can only choose one winner. Boo.

I read everyone’s entries, thinking it would be easy to choose someone who would stand out from the rest. But everyone was so heartfelt and expressed so much love for my favorite boys! Ugh! B.A.P has some incredible fans!

And all the boys were well represented in the bias category. It warms my heart to see each of the boys getting love.

My favorite category to read was everyone’s favorite song. You all had different ones, and for very different reasons! It could have been the first song you heard by them, the song that pumps you up for the day, the song you turn to to brighten your mood, or the song that helps you through a difficult time.

I enjoyed reading how much the boys inspire you all. How much they mean to you all. Why your bias is your bias. How it’s difficult for you to choose one song over another, or one boy over another!

I’d love to let B.A.P know how amazing their LA fans are, so I will be transcribing some (if not all) of the answers you all gave me and placing them in a little book for the boys. I’ll only use first names and no twitter names. I just want them to see how much we love them here in LA. Is that okay with everyone?

So, with that, I’d like to congratulate Julie for winning the tickets. Yay, Julie! Woo hoo! I’ll contact you thru DM on Twitter.

My scientific way of choosing a winner
My scientific way of choosing a winner

It was all blind choosing. I could not choose one of you over the other based on what you wrote. That was too hard. You all wrote some great stuff!

Watch this space for more giveaways coming up soon. I should have some B.A.P merchandise and CDs up for grabs.

Thanks to everyone who entered!