NKOTW (Birthday boy edition): Kim Sungkyu

Well, it’s that time again! Time for another installment of Noona Killer of the Week!  Actually, it was time a couple days ago, but I wanted to wait for today. Because…today is Kim Sungkyu’s birthday! Woo hoo! Happy Birthday, Gyu!

Happy birthday, leader Gyu!

For those who may not know, Sungkyu (or Sunggyu, the more common spelling) is the leader and main vocalist of the South Korean boy band INFINITE. And INFINITE just happens to be my ultimate bias group. Yay!

April 28, 1989 – the magical day baby Sunggyu (he of the adorable nose and infectious smile) was born.  That would make him 25 today, or 26 in Korean age, which is just about the best thing ever for me! I will never be able to call a K-Pop idol “oppa” but I can rejoice in the fact that I am not twice as old as this beautiful young man. I can’t say that about many idols. Sadness.

Because INFINITE is my ultimate bias group, it’s nearly impossible for me to pick a bias out of the members, but Sunggyu comes super close.

I fell in love with him when he released his first solo album Another Me, and I haven’t looked back since. Prior to that, both L and Hoya were my INFINITE biases, but after Sunggyu’s solo effort, all three had to share top billing on my INFINITE bias list.

sunggyu another me
This CD is perfection! His voice is so beautiful.

Sunggyu is adorable, sexy, charming, and talented–everything I require in a bias. He’s got a killer smile, with sparkly eyes and high cheekbones, and the cutest laugh ever. So, even if it wasn’t his birthday, Sunggyu would still be a Noona Killer of the Week.

But it IS his birthday, and we must celebrate this amazing person! So…here is one of my favorite INFINITE songs, The Chaser. Sunggyu looks fantastic in the drama part of this video.

And we can’t forget the music video that started my Sunggyu love: 60 Seconds. Gorgeous L, also of INFINITE, is the guest lead actor in this video. But the real star of the show is Sunggyu’s red hair.  Enjoy!

Sunggyu, hope you have a birthday as incredible as you are!

See you all next time for another Noona Killer of the Week!

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