Song of the Week: The Wanted Gold Forever

It’s time for another installment of Song of the Week. I bring you this week’s song with a heavy heart. Tonight and Thursday night most probably will be the last times I ever see The Wanted perform as a group. That makes me sadder than I want to admit.

Tonight, The Wanted play at the House of Blues in Anaheim. On Thursday, they play at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. And then they move on to other cities, in other states, to wrap up their tour.

After the tour, they move on. To other endeavors, other careers, other people. They move on, away from each other, and away from us.

The Song of the Week is Gold Forever, and I think it’s an appropriate one. Gold Forever was the first song I ever heard by The Wanted, back in 2011. It’s the song that started it all for me. After hearing it, I went back and heard (and purchased) their first CD…and I was hooked. By the end of 2011, I had met them in LA and traveled to NY to see their first gig in America.

I followed them all throughout 2012: going to every gig, every TV appearance, every radio station interview I could manage. I probably saw them perform over 20 times just in 2012 alone. And Gold Forever was always my favorite song they performed. The boys always look so happy when they sing it. And Tom Parker’s live voice is perfection in this song.

It’s going to be hard to hear them sing this one for the last time. That’s another reason why I chose this song as Song of the Week. The lyrics convey exactly what the fans (the Fanmily) wish to tell the boys. And what the fans want to hear from the boys.

Promise me you’ll stay the way you are,
Keep the fire alive and stay young at heart,
When the storm feels like it could blow you out
Remember, you got me and I got you.

I know I’ve been very K-Pop-centric lately, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about my boys. Actually, I will never forget my boys. The Wanted were always friendly, always sweet, and always took the time to let their fans know they cared. I appreciate and value every minute I got to spend with them: all the talks, all the hugs, and all the pictures with them.

And I don’t regret anything. All the hours of driving to different gigs and waiting in line. All the hours spent waiting at airports or near their hotel or in front of venues or in front of radio stations for a chance to talk to them. All the dollars spent on tickets and gas and parking and merchandise. All the thought and hours and money spent on trying to find the perfect gifts for them. The boys made everything worth it.

Thank you, Siva, Jay, Max, Tom, and Nathan! You made the last few years the best of my entire fangirl life. I’ll love you forever.

The memory of being here with you,
Is one I’m gonna take my life through,
Cause some days stay gold forever.