So, this week, I have not 1 Noona Killer of the Week…I GOT7! Get it? Yeah, that was bad. But GOT7 isn’t bad at all!

In fact, they are officially my favorite new group. No one else comes close. These boys have turned my life and bias list upside down with their talent, charisma, and adorable good looks. I can’t stop talking about them. Really! You should see my Twitter convos.

In case you haven’t heard of them, GOT7 is the rookie hip-hop performance group from JYP Entertainment that debuted in January 2014. GOT7 consists of (l to r) Jackson, Youngjae, Jr., Mark, Yugyeom, BamBam, and leader JB.

Cr: High Cut Magazine Vol. 118
Cr: High Cut Magazine Vol. 118

Their music is infectious and their dancing is amazing–complete with acrobatics and breakdancing. But I like them because they give good face. They know how to flirt with the camera lens like seasoned pros.

This is my favorite performance of theirs so far. Yes, it’s a practice video and yes, they aren’t singing live (except for cutie pie Youngjae), but this shows exactly why I love them. The playful dancing, the pure enjoyment, the way Mark laughs. EEP! Please, feel free to squee with me as we watch:

And if you want to die from cuteness overload, here’s the “Boyfriend version.” See? Didn’t I tell you they give good face?

They are super young, ages 16 to 20! Darn it! But I don’t really think of them as love interests, so it’s okay (Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom are still off-limits though. You gotta wait till you’re International 18, boys!). They just make me happy, like a box full of puppies. Nothing more.

I’ve got a soft spot for Mark, because he’s a 626 baby–a Southern California boy!

But please don’t ask me to rank them in order of preference. That’s an impossible task. I mean, have you seen them all?!

got 7 debut pic

Anyway, GOT7 are my Noona Killers of the Week. We will celebrate that by showcasing a performance of theirs from three weeks ago. They performed a cover of Leif Garrett’s late-1970s hit I Was Made for Dancing (talk about my fangirl worlds colliding!) and sent every noona in the audience into a tizzy. The song is super cheesy but their English is beyond adorable. And they looked like they had the time of their life performing on that stage. That’s all I ever want for these boys. Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite member? What’s your favorite performance by GOT7? Anyone else you’d like to see showcased as a NKOTW? Let me know in the comments below!