Song of the Week: EXO – Overdose

If you know anything about me, you know three things make me absolutely LOSE MY MIND! One is this boy:

Lay, why must you destroy my heart like you do?
Lay, why must you destroy my heart like you do?

Two is amazing choreography. I am a sucker for a good routine, and a great dancer to dance it.

And three is new music. New music gives me life!

Well, I got it all today! And it’s not even my birthday!

We finally have new EXO music! Do you hear the angels singing? The highly anticipated (at least by me) release of Overdose is here!

Of course, that would make Overdose my Song of the Week. Actually, it’s my Song of the Year so far, it’s that good!

I first heard the song three weeks ago when EXO performed it for a showcase to introduce the new mini-album. I thought it was fantastic the minute I heard it.

But due to the heartbreaking Sewol ferry tragedy, all comebacks and releases were indefinitely postponed. Understandably so, EXO’s new music was held back from release. Until today.

Now I can squee about EXO and the mini-albums and the music videos and the song and the whack-a-mole dance and the jump rope dance and the belt-tug dance and Kai’s crazy hair all I want!

Tell me this mad scientist look doesn't work for Kai. And I will politely but firmly disagree.
Tell me this mad scientist look doesn’t work for Kai. And I will politely, but firmly, disagree.

The song is in the usual hip-hop, R&B mode that SM Entertainment likes to utilize, but EXO brings the sexy vibe to the familiar genre. Not many other groups can do “sexy” as well as EXO, and SM has realized that. Leave the cutesy, boy-next-door concepts to other groups and let EXO do what they do best: drive fangirls crazy with the smirks, the come-hither finger wagging, and the wandering-hand moves. I, for one, applaud the effort!

But the song is also catchy! It’s been stuck in my head since I first heard it. “Oh, she wants me. Oh, she’s got me. Oh, she hurts me.” Seriously. Stuck in my head! Someone call the doctor (as long as he looks like an EXO member)!

Here is my own fancam of EXO-M performing Overdose at last weekend’s 12th Annual Korea Times Music Festival in Los Angeles. I went, of course, since I will go see EXO any chance I get, but I didn’t sit nearly as close to them as I wanted. Oh well.

Next time, Lay. Next time.

And here are the official music videos, EXO-M and EXO-K. Please watch both, as I feel EXO-M is the neglected subgroup. They always have less views for their MVs. Sadness.

And don’t forget to buy the mini-album. It’s out today! If you can, get both EXO-K and EXO-M!

So, what do you think of the new song? As good as Growl? Better? Let me know in the comments below! See you next week for another Song of the Week!