Infinite group teaser Season 2

So, I had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday. Guests came over and we had a lovely barbecue in beautiful Southern California weather, finished off with a divine fruit tart and….

who am I kidding? The best thing about yesterday was teasers! INFINITE teasers!

After my guests left, I was free to roam the web. And my beautiful boys greeted me with the most amazing pictures! So, for that, INFINITE is my Noona Killer of the Week!

My ultimate bias group is making their comeback on May 21st and I couldn’t be more excited! Their album will be called Season 2 (hmm. Intriguing.) and their single will be called Last Romeo.

The pictures suggest a Romeo feel with a romantic, masculine vibe. Only INFINITE could make white lace blazers look so manly.

And the hair! I’m seriously loving Hoya’s blue hair. I was kind of hoping for silver, since that’s ALWAYS my favorite look on idols, but the blue works!

Hoya Season 2

And Sunggyu’s burnt orange mane. Almost as good as his red hair era. Almost. And I can’t decide if I love the side part in the group photo more, or the messy, bed head in the individual photo. So, let’s not decide. I can choose both! Yes, please!

Sunggyu Season 2

And it looks like Woohyun kept the purple hair from his ToHeart project. I like. But with a face like Woohyun’s, really anything will work.

Woohyun season 2

And Dongwoo. I don’t know which is the hair he’s going with. The group photo has him with this fantastic cantaloupe orange/pink color, but the individual photo is blond. He pulls off both looks, but I’m looking forward to seeing which one he sticks with.

Dongwoo Season 2

Sungjong is looking more and more grown up with each era. I will never get over how adorable he is, but in this comeback, he’s looking masculine! Love his hair in the group photo!

Sungjong Season 2

Sungyeol is always gorgeous. Every era. Even when his hair was blond and longish. But I think he looks especially gorgeous in this era. The juxtaposition of feminine lace and masculine tailoring really suits him the best.

Sungyeol Season 2

Last but never least, my beautiful Myungsoo. My first K-pop bias is still determined to kill me. I like that management knows not to mess with a good thing. They don’t touch his dark hair color, and his style is always shaggy and puppy-ish. Just the way I love it. Never change, L. Never change.

Myungsoo season 2So, what do you all think of these comeback photos? Are you as excited as I am? Which photo is your favorite?

Which INFINITE era has been your favorite so far? Let me know below!

See you next week for another Noona Killer of the Week!