Song of the Week 2: Seo In Guk – Bomtanaba

seo in guk bomtanaba mv

With all the new releases this week, I couldn’t have just one Song of the Week! That’s crazy talk!

I have to showcase at least two songs. The first was a BTS song (which you can find here) because I love those boys to death…

And the second is this one! Seo In Guk’s new song, Bomtanaba!

After over a year since the release of his last Korean single (not counting the Master’s Sun OST), Seo In Guk is finally back!

seo in guk mv 5

The gorgeous singer-turned-actor is back with Bomtanaba (Mellow Spring) – a light, refreshing, lovely song, just perfect for a Spring day.

The video is luscious too, with shots of delicious coffee drinks,

seo in guk mv 1

intermingled with shots of delicious Seo In Guk in pjs and various states of sleeplessness.

seo in guk mv 3

And I am in love with this song! It reminds me of K. will’s Love Blossom, which was one of my favorite songs last year.

Bomtanaba is just one of those “feel good,” sunshine-day songs. You can’t help but smile, throw open the curtains, prop up the windows, and sing like Snow White with the woodland creatures!


But don’t take my word for it! See for yourself just how adorable this man and his new song are. If you aren’t a fan of his yet, I’m pretty sure you will be after you hear his glorious, sweet, soothing voice.

What did you think of Seo In Guk and his new song? Let me know in the comments below!