Song of the Week: BTS – I Like It (slow jam remix)

skool luv affair special addition

The past week has been a whirlwind of new music, teasers, and comeback dates. I, for one, am super excited! Beyond excited! Like, beyond the galaxy excited!!

One release I’m most anticipating is by my boys BTS! Yesterday saw the release of one new song and one new remix from the boys. These songs will be on their upcoming Skool Luv Affair Special Addition, a repackage of their February 2014 mini-album release Skool Luv Affair.

This edition has one new song called Miss Right, all the songs off the original mini-album, instrumentals of six of those songs, a DVD of their showcase, AND my favorite thing: a remix of I Like It, a song off their debut mini-album, 2 Cool 4 Skool.

Okay, so I Like It is my jam! It’s been my jam since the minute I heard it on their first CD. Jungkook’s singing is perfection! And Suga’s rapping makes my knees go all wobbly. There is just something so sexy about the song.

Maybe it’s the words, or the swagger in their voices, or the lilt in J-Hope’s sing-song rapping, but something about this song has made it my favorite BTS song for almost a year now.

This new remix is almost as good as the original. This time around, BTS makes I Like It a slow jam. The sexiness is still intact, as well as the sultry singing and Jimin’s beautiful high notes (oh, and Suga’s adorable little laugh). I tell you, I’ve studied this song! 🙂

You can hear the remix here, and then buy the repackaged special edition when it’s released tomorrow (May 15th). If you don’t have any BTS in your music playlists, you must get some! They are so good!

And here is a little bonus: A live performance of the original version of I Like It. You’re welcome!

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