NKOTW – VIXX Eternity Comeback!!!

Eternity teaser image VIXX

Over the weekend, I was greeted with just about the best news ever: VIXX is making a comeback with their 4th single, Eternity!

I’d been seeing the rumors and news blurbs that VIXX would come back at the end of May, but now I see the truth with my very own–very excited–eyes!

You know how your pupils get dilated when you see something enticing, exciting, or beautiful (yes, that’s really true!)? Well, my eyes are on overload right now! My poor little pupils can’t take much more stimulation!

Just look at Hongbin! LOOK AT HIM!!! Aagh!!!!

Isn't this boy just the most perfect human being ever? Yes. Yes he is.
Isn’t this boy just the most perfect human being ever? Yes. Yes he is.

Oh my goodness. I can’t even deal with Hongbin. That shaggy head of hair will kill me, I tell you. I’ll have to calm myself down.

But wait! There are five other gorgeous members! Nooooo! How will I survive this comeback?!

Sexy leader, N. Even in that ugly jacket you look amazing!
Sexy leader, N. Even in that ugly jacket you look amazing!

Whew! Two down, four more to go. I can do this!

Oh my gosh, Ken. You are so darn adorable!
Oh my gosh, Ken. You are so darn adorable!

Alrighty! I’m getting this fangirling under control now. Only three more members left. I will survive!

Nooo! Maknae, don't do this to me!
Nooo! Maknae, don’t do this to me!

Wow, Hyuk looks so good!!! Coming of age really suits him!

Only two more. I’m holding up so far…

Oh, gawd! Noooooo! Ravi has purple hair! That is so gorgeous!!!

Why do you have to kill me, Ravi?
Why do you have to kill me with that hair, Ravi?

Even in awful, ’80s suits, these boys are looking fine!

Last one. Oh no. Can I cope?

Oh, Leo. I adore you so.
Oh, Leo. I adore you so.

Ahhh, Leo! This boy makes everything in life worth living. Just to know that this boy exists is enough for me to exist. What? Too fanatical?

So, my boys are making their comeback on May 27th, and I couldn’t be happier! Don’t know exactly what the concept is yet (time travel? eternal youth? destiny?) but I’m loving the graphics and moody feel so far.

Could do without the suits though. I love them IN suits, just not these exactly. Maybe cuz I lived through the ’80s and the ugly clothes we wore back then, I kind of don’t want to re-live the ’80s.

Anyway…because these boys make me absolutely incoherent whenever they have a comeback, I HAD to choose VIXX as this week’s Noona Killer of the Week.

Yes, the whole group. I cannot choose just one boy, and no one can make me. (Okay. Hongbin. Shhh, don’t tell the others.)

Here is an official VIXX countdown clock to get you prepared for their comeback, http://www.realvixx.com/

The second hand is going backward! Kinda cool! Makes me think they are gonna do a time travel theme.

Please go back to the early ’90s, boys, when I’d be your age and we can live happily ever after. Thank you.

Are you as excited as I am for VIXX’s comeback? Does it feel like you’ve waited an Eternity for them (see what I did there?)? Let me know below! See you next week!