Song of the Week: INFINITE – Last Romeo

A Infinite Last Romeo 2

As if there would be any doubt I’d choose INFINITE’s new song as my Song of the Week! They are my ultimate bias group, after all!

INFINITE’s new MV, Last Romeo, dropped last night and their full album, Season 2, arrived with it!

And INFINITE has indeed arrived–just as powerful as ever!

This was me watching the MV for the first time
This was me watching the MV for the first time.

Even though I saw the teaser for the MV a few days ago, and it was again conveniently placed before the actual song itself on the MV, I was not prepared for this MV!

Oh my goodness! In the first 10 seconds of the video, I witnessed a double dose of heaven! A Myungsoo smirk and a Sunggyu neck stroke! What?!

OMG. Stop with that smile L. You are killing me!
OMG. Stop with that smile, L. You are killing me!
I think I watched this a couple hundred times.
I think I watched this a couple hundred times.

The other boys didn’t disappoint either. Clad in three different looks, each boy looked the best I’ve ever seen them.

Black, button down shirt, opened just so. Yes, Woohyun. Please.
Black, button-down shirt, opened just so. Yes, Woohyun. Please.
The black hair against the white lace makes Sungjong so beautifully masculine.
Please boys. You’re my biases, but don’t fight. I might just choose Hoya.
Is that silver hair with street clothes, Dongwoo? You know that's my fav.
Is that silverish hair with street clothes, Dongwoo? You know that’s my fave.
Sungyeol baby, I know you don't get many lines, but you're gorgeous.
Sungyeol baby, I know you don’t get many lines, but you’re still gorgeous.

As for the plot of the MV, I don’t really know. I mean, Woohyun is the lead in the MV (Romeo?) and he’s trying to reach his girl (Juliet?), who may or may not be dead or a figment of his imagination.

A hands Last RomeoAnd Woohyun’s angsty.

Woohyun Last Romeo 1And then books explode.

A Books Last Romeo

And then Woohyun free falls from heaven (?), from a library explosion (?), and falls to earth (?), to hell (?), into the depths of his madness (?). Or something. See?

A Woohyun Last Romeo 3

But the plot isn’t as important to me as the choreography. And I can’t wait for an all-dance version of the MV!

There is no denying that the choreo is definitely INFINITE. Powerful, dramatic, precise, synchronized.

A Infinite Last Romeo 3

I see homages to Before the Dawn, The Chaser, Destiny and Man In Love in their new choreo, and I love the familiarity. It feels like home. This is the INFINITE I know and love.

The requirement for every video, L covering part of his face.
A requirement for every INFINITE routine, L covering part of his face.

But the kicker for me was Myungsoo! Aagh! My boy was front and center for a good 15 seconds towards the end. That is a feat in a group with seven members who all dance great! I was so proud of him!

A Myungsoo Last Romeo 4
Myungsoo is owning that hat.

As for the song itself, it’s kind of a grown-up version of what an INFINITE song normally is. It still has ’80s flavor, but instead of the Duran Duran synths or New Order twangy guitar, it’s more Phil Collins brass section. And that drum riff right at the start startled the bejeebus out of me!

Last Romeo actually didn’t start sounding like INFINITE to me until the violins came in towards the end. I’m not sure this song will ever be on heavy rotation for me, but it’s nice hearing more Myungsoo than I’m accustomed to.

I’m looking forward to hearing their full album to see if there are any songs in the mode of Destiny or The Chaser. I need me a powerful, sexy INFINITE song.

Here’s the official MV for your viewing pleasure. And don’t forget to support INFINITE by buying their album, here.

What did you think of the video and song? Are you excited for INFINITE’s comeback? Let me know below!


5 thoughts on “Song of the Week: INFINITE – Last Romeo”

  1. This was SUCH a great comeback! I’m still super happy about everything (mostly Sunggyu stroking his neck like that – yeah I totally made a gif of it so it can loop endlessly on my screen)

    I’m crossing fingers for a dance version too!

    1. Haha. I’m glad someone else can appreciate Sunggyu’s neck stroke. Won’t a dance version just be like the best thing ever?!

      1. YES! Now that we have watched a live stage, I can say that a dance version will be AMAZING! (aish and Gyu stroked his neck there as well… he kills me, he really does)

  2. I was really happy with it. I love the instrumental feel, and that drum intro was awesome. I’ll admit I wasn’t immediately swept off my feet, but after watching it a few times and then listening to the song heaps I’ve grown to love it quite a lot! It’s a great song, and boy is that MV extremely visually appealing! My Yeolie is looking fine! I love Myungsoo and the hat a lot too! 😀

    1. I wish I could say I love the song as much as Destiny or The Chaser, but at least the video is a beautiful sight. Maybe it will grow on me the way Man In Love had to. Best thing about the album though is Infinite H makes a comeback. Aagh!

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