Someone tell B.A.P to stop being so cute!

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If you know me, you know I tend to spazz…heartily and often. It’s one of my many skills. Just joking. I only have the one skill.

Anyhoo, I spazzed like an absolute loon last night! Why, you ask? Well, because of six very adorable boys!

“What’s new?” you respond sarcastically while rolling your eyes. Humph. Rude. 🙂

Well, what’s new is that the six boys I spazzed over last night, which spilled into today, are none other than the boys who threaten my ultimate bias group ranking every time they come back.

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We are talking about B.A.P!!!!!!!!

Aww, cuties. There's  an empty phone booth on the other side!
Aww, cuties. There’s an empty phone booth on the other side!


Oh my gosh. And this comeback is a cute one!!!! Eep!

The cute concept suits adorable Himchan.
The cute concept suits adorable Himchan.

I thought B.A.P’s next song after 1004 (Angel) would have a tougher, harder sound since 1004 (Angel) was softer and beautifully sad.

But, nope! They went the cute angle. And I’m loving it so far!

The swag is just spilling over with these boys.
The swag is just spilling over with these boys.

Which is weird for me, since Crash and Stop It were never exactly my favorite songs or eras of theirs.

This new song is called Where Are You? What Are You Doing? and it’s got an acoustic, coffeehouse vibe. Folksy and feel-good.

I wanna pinch their cheeks.
I wanna pinch their cheeks.

It’s like swinging on the veranda with a lemonade in hand, watching the kids run through the sprinklers on the grass with the dog.

Yeah, that’s never happened to me. But it sounds fun!

And no, this new song doesn’t sound like One Direction. I keep hearing detractors say it’s copying the British/Irish lads, but the only way it copies them is by the MV being shot in England. Oh my gosh! Now people can’t film in England without being compared to other bands. Silly.

Ok. Off my high horse now.

I think I need a hug. Youngjae, could you spare a hug?
I think I need a hug. Youngjae, could you spare a hug?

Soooooo….this is B.A.P and their song is very original and extremely adorable, from what I could hear in the 40 second teaser anyway.

I'm hogging the phone, but don't I look cute doing it?
“I’m hogging the phone, but don’t I look cute doing it?”

It’s unlike anything B.A.P has released before. I would venture to call it folk-rock. Who’d of thought a predominantly hip hop group could release such versatile music?

Leave it to B.A.P, the masters of hybrid and hyphenated styles. They never were really just a hip hop group.

I may look unassuming but I could still take all your girlfriends from you.
“I may not look as tough this time, but I could still take all your girlfriends from you.”

So, we have to wait until June 3rd to hear the full song and see the full MV, but you can pre-order the CD now. And watch the teaser here:

Are you looking forward to a cute B.A.P? What’s been your favorite era so far? Let me know below!

4 thoughts on “Someone tell B.A.P to stop being so cute!”

  1. I can not explain my feels over this song! But you seemed to have done a great job at doing so! lol. I’m horribly weak when it comes to cute so I’m a fan of their cute MVs! The first B.A.P mv I ever saw was Stop It thanks to it’s aegyo. I don’t think I can choose an era that I love most. Their early stuff is amazing, their cute stuff is super fun and 1004Angel, I think, is my favourite song. I just went to their concert a few weeks ago so I’m still high on B.A.P feels. I can’t wait!

    1. I can’t wait either! I saw them in LA and I miss them terribly now! I wish I could see them once a month! My favorite songs will probably always be One Shot and Rain Sound, though I first saw them with Stop It too. My favorite look is Coffeeshop. I don’t think I’d consider that an era. I just loved the song and their styles. This new song kind of reminds me of it. Yipee!

  2. Seriously this just looks so adorable *dies a little* I went and made GIFs of the entire teaser because it was too cute!! I think it’s going to be a great summer song – perfect to get me through the winter that is now starting to set in.

    1. Ahhh, B.A.P is just the remedy for a cold day. They are like little rays of sunshine. I get the GIF thing. I had at least 20 more screen caps I wanted to use but my post would’ve been massive! Haha. Those boys are too cute!

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