Song of the Week: VIXX – Eternity


Aagh!!!! This is what I was waiting for! I’m so excited for Eternity. It absolutely had to be my Song of the Week!


Not only did VIXX’s 4th single, Eternity, come out this week, but so did the video!

And the MV is a marvel. It’s beautifully shot, in a gorgeous room full of cogged wheels and gears. I’m a sucker for a beautiful time piece or clock tower.

vixx eternity 1

And the scenes with the memories of the girl and the disappearing visions are also wonderfully captured in a sun-kissed, but sparse and sad, room. Screenshot_2014-05-22-08-42-17

It contrasts nicely with the dark, stormy reality of VIXX’s nightmare room.


And now they’ve started promotions!

Blue-haired Ravi and my favorite suits from the MV? What more is there in life?


I didn’t want to showcase Eternity as my Song of the Week until I saw their comeback stage. The choreo is just so amazing! The music video was beautiful, but didn’t show enough of the intricate, clever choreography.

The reverse dance. Right after this move, Leo and N throw out amazing scorpions.
The reverse dance. Every movement is on rewind.
Leo and N break out the scorpion move.
Leo and N break out the scorpion move.
Ken rises from the dead.
Ken rises from the dead.
The nightmare dance.
The nightmare dance.
The wiggly wave dance. Yes, I replayed this endlessly.
The wiggly wave dance. Yes, I replayed this endlessly.
Ken is being buried alive by the other members. What a way to go.
Ken is being buried alive by the other members. What a way to go.

I need to see a practice video or all-dance version of the MV. I NEED to! I will not rest until I see the whole dance! (I’m a little obsessed with dances, if you didn’t notice by now). This point-dance lesson will just have to do for now.

I can’t even explain to you how much I love this song. It’s more mainstream than I’m used to with VIXX, but it’s great! It’s kind of electronic, pop-house, trance-light, dance-type music, and reminds me a lot of my other favorite boy group, The Wanted. In fact, I could easily hear The Wanted singing this song, and it would be a perfect fit.

The song is about a love that should have lasted an eternity, a love that–for him–transcends time and space. Because the girl left him, he is now in a state of denial, believing she is still with him. He lives in a constant dream, thinking of her, until he wants to end his nightmare with the sleep he can never wake from. He basically wants to die because he can’t let go of her. Pretty cheery, huh?

vixx eternity 2

Anyway, VIXX does drama well. They also do concepts well, and while this song is not as highly stylized as Hyde or Voodoo Doll, VIXX still manages to convey the concept of going back in time to when she loved him too.

vixx eternity 9

They convey the time concept with their gorgeous, sad voices, amazing point-dances, and fabulous acting in the MV. The tailored suits don’t hurt either. Sigh.

Screenshot_2014-05-22-08-44-11So, I’d have to say VIXX’s Eternity is perfect. I could hear it for an eternity and never get tired of it. It is definitely worthy of being my Song of the Week, and also a contender for Song of the Year so far. Good job, VIXX! Proud of you boys!

Here are some more of my favorite shots from the MV.

Hyukkie being ridiculously cute.
Hyukkie being ridiculously cute
Leo being illegally gorgeous
Leo being illegally gorgeous
Ravi basically owned this MV. I couldn't look at anyone but him. Bias ruiner.
Ravi basically owned this MV. I couldn’t look at anyone but him. Bias ruiner.
My favorite part of the video. Don't judge me. :)
My ultimate favorite part of the video. I don’t know if I’m more jealous of Hongbin or N. Don’t judge me. šŸ™‚

What are some of your favorite moments? What point-dance is your favorite? Let me know below! See you next time!





2 thoughts on “Song of the Week: VIXX – Eternity”

  1. Favourite moments? All of it! Wow! This song blew me away! If your forcing me to choose… 1. Ravi doing the wiggly wave dance, 2. Hyuk! and 3. N’s acting…

    Favourite dance? Wiggly wave dance! Yes I’m that shallow. Ravi is my bias after all) I also love the moves at the beginning with Ken seeming to magically rise up and Hyuk’s dance where he’s moving his arms like a clock.

    This really was a great MV!

    1. Ugh! I forgot to screen cap the Hyuk clock arm dance! I liked that one too! This song is pretty amazing, huh? And so many good dance moves! But the wiggly wave dance is my fave too. Hehe. And Ravi is your bias?! I feel bad for you. He just about killed me, so I can imagine you! šŸ™‚

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