NKOTW – V from Bangtan Boys (BTS)

Ever since I found out the first groups lined up to perform at this year’s KCON, I’ve been counting down the days till the convention. That’s because one of my favorite groups is one of those first announced!

BTS, Bangtan Boys, Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Whatever you choose to call them, these boys are coming to KCON! Woohoo!


I am so excited! I’ve been squealing, yelping, and swooning for over a week now!

If you’ve read my blog, you know how much I love Bangtan Boys (you can see here and here for starters) . They have rocked my world more than any other group has in its rookie year.

They’ve released so much insanely good music already, and they officially debuted less than a year ago! In fact, their 1st anniversary is coming up in less than two weeks (June 12)!

bangtan boys in luv

I have been listening to Bangtan non-stop for over a week now, and I can’t get V’s voice out of my head.

v debut pictureThat’s why I chose my boy, V, as my Noona Killer of the Week!

Check out his solo part starting at 1:31:

It’s just such a mismatch! That low, manly voice should NOT come out of that adorable, little-boy face. It’s crazy!

bts v 2

V’s full name is Kim Taehyung. He’s only 18 (Korean 19), but he says he’s 20 since he just celebrated his “coming of age” on May 19th. That was the day people born in 1995 could officially declare themselves adults.

bts v in blue

He barely made the cut-off, being born on December 30, 1995 (literally one day before I got married. Wow. How about we NOT think about that?).

I am A-Okay with Taehyung saying he’s 20. Anything to make him older, and make me not feel so guilty for liking him! Haha.

bts v in glasses

I don’t know what it is about V that I find so irresistible.

bts v 3

Seriously. He’s got an odd sense of humor, he does weird impressions, he’s a total goofball,

and he can’t lip-synch to save his life (just watch any music show performance. Sorry, V.), but I just can’t get enough of the kid! He’s seriously adorable!

How can this:

Become this:

With a voice like this? (start at 1:06)

I don’t get it. But I think he’s just a total doll. That’s why Kim Taehyung has to be my Noona Killer of the Week.

Are you excited for Bangtan to perform at KCON this year? Who’s your favorite member? Are you on the Taehyung train with me? Let me know!


I put this here just because they look REALLY good in this performance. Gotta love a guy in leather and ripped jeans! 🙂