Top 5: K-Pop Male Group Cute-Concept Videos (Yes, B.A.P is on the list now)

bap waywayd 3

Wow. I think B.A.P actually did it! They dethroned my number 1 from my “Favorite Cute-Concept Videos” and I am thoroughly amazed!

I was not expecting B.A.P, of all groups, to be crowned the kings of the cutest video ever to exist in the history of ever (yes, I love hyperbole), but it happened.

Their MV for their comeback song, Where Are You? What Are You Doing?, has been released and I am absolutely crazy for it!

I can’t believe it! I much prefer dark concepts to cute concepts, so I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this comeback. In fact, I was preparing myself to hate it. Which was difficult for me to admit, since I’m such a huge B.A.P stan.

But, I don’t hate it! I love it! I started loving it when I saw the teaser a few days ago, but it’s hard to get the full feel of the song with a lyric-less 40 second blurb.

Now that I can hear the full song? It’s just as I imagined from the teaser. It’s so light and relaxing! It feels like a fresh, summer morning, traveling down a lazy river or spending a lovely summer night catching fireflies and toasting marshmallows. I get visions of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn when I hear this song.

It’s a place I want to live in, and breathe in, and escape to. That’s what this song and video is to me.

It helps that the MV was filmed in London, one of my favorite places in the world. It’s just such beautiful scenery. And the colors of the video are just magical. For example, Jongup’s blue sweater just jumps off the screen against the muted earth tones around him. I am so impressed by the absolute gorgeousness of the entire MV.

bap waywayd 4

Anyway, this song and it’s music video really have changed me. I thought I wouldn’t like a cute concept from B.A.P, but this one wasn’t overly saccharine, cloying, or saturated with forced aegyo. Instead, it was more like a love letter to the fans. It made me fall more in love with B.A.P, which I didn’t think was possible.

So, in celebration of this new release, I will now place B.A.P in the number one spot on my “Top 5 Male Group Cute-Concept Video” list. Check out numbers 1 – 5 here and go get yourself a copy of B.A.P’s new single.

1. B.A.P – Where Are You? What Are You Doing?

2. BtoB – Second Confession

3. VIXX – G.R.8.U

4. INFINITE – Man In Love

5. SHINee – Hello

Honorable Mention: TEENTOP – Lovefool

What do you think of B.A.P’s new song and video? Are there any cute-concept videos you think I left off my list? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Top 5: K-Pop Male Group Cute-Concept Videos (Yes, B.A.P is on the list now)”

  1. I have to say that BtoB’s Pajama video version of 2nd confession is RIDICULOUS! Boyfriend’s On&On (and pretty much all of their MV’s too) aaaand A-Prince and SHU-I also have some cute concepts, by which I mean, all of their MVs – kekeke.
    I love cute MV’s so this comeback for BAP has me very pleased 🙂

    1. I LOVE the pj verson! But I’m partial to the street clothes version because I’m Hyunsik biased and he looks like the most perfect boyfriend in that suit while strumming his guitar. SIGHHHHHH.

      Boyfriend is ALWAYS cute (except for this new song out, right?) so I couldn’t choose them. A-Prince I don’t know too much about, and I swear I thought SHU-I was a j-pop band until I saw their So In Luv MV. That MV is actually pretty cute, but don’t they always do cute? Anyway, I’m coming around to loving the cute concepts now. Darn you, B.A.P! 🙂

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