Top 5: K-Pop Chair Dances (Male Edition)

Well, they did it. That group who inexplicably sends me into orbit when they so much as breathe? EXO? Yeah, them. They did it again.

They have fulfilled one of my many dreams for them:


exo moonlight

And I’m a happy, happy mama.

They performed a special stage on M! Countdown of their beautiful song “Moonlight,” off the Overdose CD and they did it while sitting down (all except for Baekhyun and D.O.).

Now this makes me very happy because I love chair dances. I mean, LOVE. To let you know just how much I love them, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites.

Presenting the count down of my TOP 5 K-Pop Chair Dances (Male Edition)! Woohoo!

Now, I love female groups. Give me Sistar on chairs ANY DAY! (Girl crush alert!) But I narrowed my list down to men because I happen to adore men. Sorry. I’ll do a ladies-only list soon.

5. SHINee – One Minute Back

SHINee, clock motif, chairs, and Taemin in a hat. What more do I really need? And the song is one of my favorites off the Everybody CD.

4. EXO – Moonlight

So, basically, EXO went into my head and pulled out my fantasy of them as businessmen, who stop all brainstorming and negotiations right in the middle of a meeting, to dance for me around the conference table. What, you’ve never had that fantasy?

OMG. And Lay starting at 3:11 is the absolute, total death of me.

3. BTS – Just One Day

I know! I know! I talk about these boys way too much. They’re just so darn cute! This is the “appeal” version of their practice dance, which I think is supposed to show their sexy side? Yeah, it doesn’t. But they are adorably goofy.

2. INFINITE – Inception

These boys really can dance, but I also love watching them slouch in chairs. Like, I REALLY love it. And mack daddy Sunggyu looks especially sexy at 0:13 in his mob boss pose, looking out over his minions.

1. 2PM – A.D.T.O.Y.

How can this not be number 1? These men are the kings of the chair dance! They are so creative on chairs! It makes the mind wonder…and wander. Yes, I’ll admit to a few daydreams about them. šŸ™‚

These boys just know how to work chairs. Don’t believe me? Then check this out too. It’s a portion of their Japanese release “Beautiful.”


Honorable Mentions:


Technically, they don’t use chairs. They use cubes. And, technically, they don’t sit and dance on the cubes too much. Instead they choose to stand on the cubes and grace us with body rolls. I’m okay with that.

SeHun’s Debut – EXO Teaser #13

This is not a full song, so it’s in my honorable mentions rather than my Top 5. If it was the entire “What Is Love,” I would not have survived. But then it would have been on my list, so it’d be a win!

So, what’s in your top 5? Do you have any favorites I didn’t mention? Let me know!




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