Mamamoo’s Mr. Ambiguous – Cute! OMG I die!

I think I found a new girl group to love! Mamamoo! Oh my gawd, these girls can SANG!

mamamoo 2Mamamoo just debuted their song Mr. Ambiguous, and the single’s accompanying video is adorable! I’m so in love with the costumes and the 1960s feel. Aagh!

Everything about this video is perfect. Right down to the amazing cameos by K.will, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, and Jung Joon Young (sighhhhhh), among others (Baek Ji Young!!!!).

The song is retro sixties rock with a flashy, jazzy horn section and funky bass line. It’s such a catchy, fun song! Makes me want to slide the coffee table out of the way so I can do the Swim and the Mashed Potato! Kids, ask your grandparents about those dances. 🙂

Mamamoo is something special. Not only can they sing their beautiful faces off, but they can write–and do write–much of their own music.

I first noticed them back in February, when they sang with K.will on Peppermint Chocolate.

At first, I only watched because it featured Hongbin and N from VIXX in the video, but I stayed for the girls. They thoroughly impressed me and made me look forward to their official debut.

Then I saw an earlier video by them, Don’t Be Happy, and fell hard. Where have these girls been all my K-Pop life?!

And now they’re officially here! They remind me of my ultimate girl group, Spica. Powerful voices and sassy personalities. Just what K-Pop needs: A girl group who is sexy without making me cringe and sweet without causing tooth decay.

I’m so excited for Mamamoo and can’t wait to follow their career.

What do you think of this new girl group? Are you loving the song like I am? Who had your favorite cameo appearance? Let me know!