Song of the Week – GOT7 – A

got 7 a teaser resize

Alright. I’m already hooked on this song…and it’s not even officially released yet!

Last night, GOT7 performed their comeback song “A” on M Countdown, and I couldn’t be happier!

Even though it hasn’t technically dropped yet (gotta wait for June 23), “A” by GOT7 just has to be my Song of the Week!

Aagh! This song is so cute! It’s flirty and light and has a great summer feel. It also has an earworm for a chorus. I can’t get it out of my head!

I love the choreography too. It’s playful but hard-hitting when it has to be. And, of course, the acrobatics are there. Can’t be GOT7 without that!

I’m really enjoying this comeback so far. The released teaser videos and pictures have perked up an otherwise dreary couple of weeks.

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t had a Song of the Week for a while. Nothing since VIXX has really excited me.

But these boys are doing it for me. I needed light and fun, and GOT7 is it!

Jr. is, of course, amazing as always. His voice is lovely! And this is a good look for him.

Jr got7 a

And Yugyeom! Maknae is looking more and more comfortable with the whole flirting-with-the-camera thing! He’s such a doll.

But Youngjae steals the spotlight in this song. His voice is just gorgeous–playful and sexy (and, wow, I shouldn’t be saying that about a 17-year-old.) I’m just admiring his vocals, people. 🙂

Here are the four individual member teasers that have been released so far. JB, Mark, Jackson and Jr. These boys are flirtatious fun with their over-the-top cheesiness. I love it!

What do you think of the comeback so far? Are you loving the song as much as I am? Do you have a favorite teaser yet? Let me know!