Quick Appreciation Post #2: Jung Joon Young

Jung Joon Young will be performing at KCON in August and if you don’t know him, you really should.

JJY Teenager screencap

He’s a 25-year-old rock singer/song-writer who can play guitar, violin and piano, and knows 5 languages. Wow. I feel like a slug now. 🙂

My teen daughter is the one who turned me on to Jung Joon Young, and I have to admit the boy is something special.

JJY Harpers Bazaar May 2014First of all, he’s cute. Of course. When are Korean artists not cute?

His face is so adorably quirky yet incredibly handsome, with that dark, shaggy hair tousled over his gorgeous, sleepy eyes. He’s tall and slender, and makes anything he wears look high fashion–from grungy jeans to designer suits.

But he’s not just cute.

He’s super talented. Having come in third place on Superstar K4, Joon Young showed he’s highly capable of superstar rock singer, front-man status. He’s got major charisma and a strange charm that just pulls you in (that smile doesn’t hurt either).

And that voice! Wow. That voice should not come out of that face. Such a sweet face for such a raw, sexy, husky, low voice. But then he can hit those crisp, clear, beautifully ringing high notes that make me want to cry! I just love to hear him sing.

Here’s my favorite song by Joon Young: his single, Spotless Mind. His voice is out of this world.

And here is Joon Young’s newest single, Teenager. I’m really looking forward to seeing him live, and–better still–hearing that voice live.

What do you think of Jung Joon Young? Let me know below!


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