VIXX says “Goodbye” to Eternity

Goodbye Eternity 2This morning, I woke up to a beautiful, but bittersweet, sight. My gorgeous boys in VIXX released a video for Starlights. They’ve officially ended promotions for their fabulous song, Eternity.

This era seemed to go by so quickly!

I loved everything about this era: the concept, the song, the choreography, the suits, the hair (Ravi!), the music videos!

It was all just perfect!

VIXX is growing into such an amazing idol group. Their music is maturing, their confidence is soaring, and they’ve gained so many new fans. I feel like such a proud mama!

Goodbye Eternity era. It was short but sweet (it should have lasted an eternity, don’t you think?)! VIXX won awards, Starlights were happy, and I still have KCON 2014 to look forward to. Woohoo!

Goodbye for now, VIXX. Until I see you in August, my lovely boys!