Quick Appreciation Post #3: TEEN TOP

Today is one month until KCON2014! Woohoo! Are you going? Did you get the tickets you wanted? I didn’t. But that’s for another time, another rant. 🙂

Anyhoo…today we are appreciating the lovely boys of Teen Top!

QAP Teen Top 1They’ll be performing at KCON and I can’t wait!

KCON Teen Top ad

I consider myself a novice to the charms of Teen Top. Initially, I dismissed them as a young group–too young for me to like or even listen to.

I think just their name turned me off. Sorry, boys. Teens? Just doesn’t work for someone who hasn’t seen teen years in decades.

But then I heard Miss Right in early 2013 and became intrigued.

I thought it was a great song, so I decided to check out their previous work.


So many good songs! Supa Luv, Crazy, No More Perfume On You, Be Ma Girl! Aagh! I started falling…hard.

And then I saw them at last year’s KCON and I was hooked.

But no bias! I couldn’t pick one! They were all so cute, but I couldn’t commit to one member just yet.

Then March 2014 came around and I saw them perform on their High Kick World Tour. Amazing live performance! Beautiful voices and fantastic dancing. That was it for me.

I came away from that concert with a definite bias. He’s the one singing right at the beginning of the video above. The one who killed me at around 1:57 of the song.


Wow, how I wish "85" was the year he was born.
Wow, how I wish “85” was the year he was born. (cr: HONEYui via fyteensontop)

Ugh. The youngest! So ironic that I dismissed them at first for being too young, then I fall for their youngest member! What is wrong with me?!

Curse you, ChangJo, for being such a great dancer!

For all of my initial resistance, now Teen Top is placed firmly in my Top 10 favorite boy groups. That just shows you have to give everything a chance. Even if it means you become a crazy ajumma fan in the process. 🙂

Oh, and today is actually their 4th Anniversary! Congratulations on four great years, boys! I wasn’t there for all four years, but I’ll be there for the rest.

What’s your favorite song by Teen Top? Are you looking forward to their comeback like I am? Let me know below!