Girl Crush: f(x) – Red Light

f(x) Red Light screencap 8I’ve been crazy busy these past few days and it’s kept me from doing what I love doing best: fangirling!

Because of my unavoidable busyness, I haven’t had the chance, until now, to write about the most beautiful video I have ever seen in my entire existence! (Yes, I love hyperbole.)

I’m talking about this video right here: Red Light by f(x).

Aagh! It’s gorgeous!! I don’t think I’ve ever screen-capped a video as much as I have this one.

I think I watched it ten times in a row before it even dawned on me to actually listen to the song. I was too mesmerized by the visuals.

These girls cast a spell on me.

The video is just striking. So many beautiful images woven into a dizzying display of diva deliciousness.

f(x) Red Light screencap 5a
f(x) Red Light screencap 7
f(x) Red Light screencap 3
f(x) Red Light screencap 3a

It’s militaristic,

f(x) RL screencap 7


f(x) RL screencap 6Big Brother-esque,

f(x) RL screencap 3and sprinkled with witchy flavor, but I love this video!

f(x) Red Light screencap 6

It all seems just as hodge-podge as the musicality of the song itself. Yet, when you learn the lyrics of the song, you start to see the meaning behind the “randomness” of the video.

Open your eyes wide
Stop the collision from happening
(You’re going to be a witness to change)
In front of that caterpillar that got pushed around
(When everything sinks)

Apparently, the song and video are activist cries of outrage against big business and the damage being done to the earth.

f(x) RL screencap 4f(x) RL screencap 5The red light of the song is a metaphor, as is the phone in the video, for the call to action.

f(x) RL screencap 9It’s a “red light” crisis we face in this world and the women of f(x) are making us aware of the brainwashing we are under. The girls are fighting for us, for society, and for the earth (in their fierce military gear) and want us to rage against the propaganda machine.

I’m all for that. Just as long as I can look as fierce as they do. Can I get an “amen”?

As for the song, it’s finally growing on me. I can now appreciate just how fantastic it is! I love the way it starts: electronic mixed with Latin flare, what I’d call Latin House. It’s electrifying. Such a build up of sonic goodness…but the chorus is anticlimactic. All build up but no follow through. I was hoping for a hard-hitting chorus, but it fell a little flat. The song as a whole is epic though. I just wish it was more singable and the chorus was more memorable.

f(x) RL screencap 10And the choreography. Sigh. I love so much of it…and I don’t love so much of it. Some parts are too simplistic for the epicness of the song. I want hard-hitting choreo, but I don’t know if f(x) can deliver that. I just don’t see them as strong enough dancers for the kind of moves I think this song requires.

Arms flail when they should be rigid, heads loll when they should whip around. I think if they had a demanding choreographer, like say EXO does, their dancing would be on point. Instead it just looks sloppy and lackluster.

f(x) Red Light screencap 1fWhich is strange, since they’ve had some creative choreo in the past (LA chA TA, Nu Abo). And they’ve been more hard-hitting with it.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE f(x)! They are one of my favorite groups. Their songs are some of the best in Kpop, with amazing hooks and creative beats (See Shadow and Step on Pink Tape). Also, they’re so beautiful and edgy, and I melt over their voices.

And Luna is a flippin goddess!
And Luna is a flippin’ goddess!

But there is room for improvement. They deserve to have choreography as precise as SHINee and EXO. They deserve to have creative dance points, like TVXQ or SNSD. They deserve to shine in every aspect.

At least with this comeback, SM gave f(x) a lot to work with. A great concept. A killer song. Amazing outfits. Beautiful hair and makeup. And a stunning video. These girls are finally getting the respect and recognition from their company that they deserve. It’s not all perfect yet, but it’s pretty darn close.

What did you think of the Red Light video? What about the song? Am I being too harsh about the dancing? Is Luna your goddess like she is mine? Let me know below!


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