Top 10: Favorite K-Pop Groups (Male)

I love lists. I love boy bands. And I love K-Pop! So compiling this list was basically heaven for me.

This is a countdown of my Top 10 Favorite K-Pop Boy Groups along with one of my favorite singles by them.

Numbers 2 thru 5 are always shifting, depending on comebacks and my mood, but my top 5 will always be my top 5…and my number 1 will always be my number 1.

See how many we agree on!

10. BtoB

9. 2PM


7. GOT7

6. Bangtan Boys

5. SHINee

4. EXO


2. B.A.P



So, do we agree on any? Who is your ultimate bias group? Let me know! I’ll reveal the poll results next week!



3 thoughts on “Top 10: Favorite K-Pop Groups (Male)”

    1. Big Bang is in my Top 20. I should make a list of my 11-20. 🙂 They were one of the first k-pop groups I liked and I love almost all of their solo stuff. I just wish they’d release something as Big Bang again soon!

      1. That’s one of the things I like about Big Bang. They are talented not just as a group but as individuals. I “heard” that they have a comeback “planned” for July. But we all know how that is. But I think one other reason why Big Bang is my bias group is because TOP is my ultimate bias. He is such a good looking man.

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