Song of the Week: C-Clown – Let’s Love

They did it. Finally. After almost two years of my resistance, C-Clown finally wore me down.

c-clown screencap 14I’ve tried not to like them. No, not just “try.” I actively refused to like them. And, honestly, it was only due to their name.

I hate clowns with a passion. They scare me to absolute death!! So, why would I even consider liking a group with “Clown” in their name?!

Go ahead. Google “clown.” You’ll see the creepiest images you’d ever want to see. I can’t even bring myself to do it. Even “cute” clowns freak me out!

Why would they want to be considered “Clowns” anyway?! It doesn’t make sense!

Do these boys look like clowns to you? No. They do not.
Do these boys look like clowns to you? No. They do not.

I was puzzled, perplexed, and put off for almost two years, just because their name horrified me.

Even when their song was good or they looked super handsome during a certain era, I always resisted.

I resisted this!
I resisted this! How?!

But I just can’t resist any longer.

Their new song, Let’s Love, is a TUNE!!!

C-Clown screencap 7Aagh! I’m officially obsessed with this song. That’s why Let’s Love must be my Song of the Week!

Have you heard it yet?

Oh my gosh. It’s good, right?

Ray’s voice is magic, and Rome’s lower register sends chills down my spine.

Then that chorus. The harmonies and the way the higher voice echoes the main vocal at the last syllable. It’s so addictive!

And who has that really deep rapping voice? Is that T.K.? Wow. I really have to learn more about these boys!

The song is such a hybrid of sound. It’s hip hop, funk, dance, and rock all in one. And it works!

And the video is top-notch. I love the look of it. Vibrant-colored street clothes,

c-clown screencap 11

mixed with an all-white look,

c-clown screencap 8mixed with a black and gold hip-hop look,

C-Clown screencap 3mixed with a black tank/t-shirt and jeans look (my personal favorite).

c-clown screencap 10And then there’s Rome in all his shirtless glory.

c-clown screencap 13

Oh, and there’s also this guy–Maru. Someone please tell me he’s over 18. He is, right? Right?!

C-Clown screencap 4Yeah. This video is top-notch.

What do you think of the song? Is it okay that I jump on the C-Clown bandwagon now? Can I officially be called a Crown? Is there some secret handshake or something?

Let me know below! See you next time for another Song of the Week!