INFINITE Is “Back” With Epic Goodness

Ifnt back 1Another new INFINITE song! This fangirl heart can’t take much more of this! After only two months, my ultimate bias group is back with a new song called Back and I’m infinitely happy about it!


I’m not too fond of the idea of repackaged albums. I think it’s just a way for the companies to squeeze even more money out of us: “Oh, you didn’t like Last Romeo that much? Well, too bad you bought it! And guess what? You’ll buy it again too!”

And guess what? I do buy it again! I’m such a sucker. I always buy it again! I may pout, kick and scream, but I buy.

Those darn companies know what they’re doing! They get you with those beautiful photobooks! How can a proper fangirl like me resist? I have every repackage from every group I like, even as I protest about it. Sigh.

INFINITE Back teaser imageAnyway, before my mail carrier delivers me my lovely Season 2 repackaged CD, called Be Back (gawd, I’m such a push-over!), I would like to squee over what I’ve seen of this comeback so far.

Oh my gosh! The MV came out yesterday and it’s fantastic!

Harkens back to the days of BTD (Before the Dawn), where Woohyun and Myungsoo kick butt and take names.

This time around, the boys are in some type of gang, with Sunggyu as the leader. And their jackets are awesome! Just saying, Woollim, if you want my money, sell me that jacket!

Ifnt back 2Sunggyu’s little sister has been kidnapped,

so the Magnificent Seven arrive at the warehouse where she’s been kept, to save the day and look hot doing it.

It starts off promising, with INFINITE being the first to get the licks in.

Ifnt back 6Ifnt back 28But then it turns, and our boys begin getting the living daylights beat out of them!

Though each of them is a little worse for wear, they all gather together at the end, for one last beat down on those thugs.

Ifnt back 23And then the MV just ends in a cliffhanger. We don’t know if they win or lose, live or die. Hopefully we’ll get some resolution in another video, or maybe not. Either way, this MV is fabulous!

Now for the song and choreography: both are too epic for words!

The song and choreo are straight up INFINITE theatrics. Just what I love about INFINITE.

Ifnt back 29Their dance precision is perfection and their flair for the drama is spot-on this time around! I love the wide, sweeping hand gestures, the sharp arm movements, and the intricate footwork and formations. Classic in-sync INFINITE.

Ifnt back 30And the song is just gorgeous! I love the way it starts off like a ballad with muted vocals and a lilting piano, but then it evolves into this rock-dance hybrid that takes your breath away! Everything you expect from an INFINITE song is here–the violins, the ’80s-style keyboard, the electronic beat–but it’s not like anything they’ve done before. This song is darker than even Destiny was. But it’s in the same ethereal, dramatic vein. It’s like everything epic from BTD, The Chaser, and Destiny all rolled into one song. With a little Paradise and Come Back Again thrown in for added spice.

But the most surprising thing about this new song? There is no rapping. I can’t remember the last single INFINITE has had without a rap break. Not that I don’t like rapping, because I do. INFINITE H is absolutely my favorite sub-unit of all time! But I love to hear Hoya’s and Dongwoo’s singing voices too.

Ifnt back 16In Back, they have beautiful vocals. I swoon. And Hoya actually sings a lot in this song! I’m so happy!

Ifnt back 9Here’s a live version of the song, performed on Music Core, just in case you’re like me and you can’t get enough of INFINITE.

What do you think of the song? Did you already pre-order the CD like I did? Are you just as much a sucker for repackages as I am, or am I alone in my misery? Let me know below!