Quick Appreciation Post #4: B1A4

b1a4 solo day18 days until KCON! I’m so excited!

If you bought your tickets for Saturday’s concert, then you will be seeing these boys with me!

B1A4! Woohoo!

Solo day b1a4 groupAnd they have a new song to promote! Solo Day was released last week and I’ve been listening to it almost non-stop!

It’s such a cute song! Reminds me of the laid-back, easy style of B.A.P’s most recent song, Where Are You? What Are You Doing?, complete with whistling and a casual, folksy sound.

And the video is absolutely inspired! I love it so much! It’s cute and funny and weird and heartwarming and exactly B1A4.

Filmed in and around Los Angeles, I see so much of the city I love in this video. The laid-back beach, tea at the park, desert diners, open roads. And the absolute bizarreness of a UFO sighting at the beach. That’s so LA.

The special effects are quirky and cheeky and, again, exactly B1A4. They are one of the few groups who add a little touch of humor in almost everything they do. They are all natural showmen, and this video allows them all to shine.

I’m looking forward to seeing these boys at KCON. I’ve seen them once before, back in May at the 12th Korea Times Music Festival, and they were amazing live.

Can’t wait to see what they do at KCON, especially with such a fun song as Solo Day!

Are you loving Solo Day like I am? Who would you like to see appreciated in a quick post? Let me know!