KCON Starlight T-shirt Order

So, is everyone excited about VIXX coming to KCON?! Only 18 days left until we see these beautiful boys up close and in person!

VIXX_1400458274_af_orgI personally cannot wait another minute to see my lovely boys! They mean the world to me, and I hope I get the chance to tell them that in person. That would be a dream come true. Sigh.

But if I don’t get the chance to see them face to face (aagh! Can you imagine being face to face with any one of them?!) and talk and laugh and hold hands and hug and…wait, where was I?

Sorry. Anyway, if I don’t get the chance to see them face to face, I want VIXX to know that I at least support them! They have to know I’m a proud Starlight!

I figured the best way they can know that is in t-shirt form! If they can’t see me up close, then they can at least see my t-shirt from the stage. That would be enough for me!

How about you? Would you like to have VIXX notice you from the stage?

Then, ordering this t-shirt might do the trick!

VIXX KCON tees 3

With the help of the Zombie Mamma at Zombiemamma.com, I have designed 3 t-shirts made specifically for us Starlights going to KCON.

The first one is a white men’s crew neck with black logo and font. Sizes: Youth XS to Adult 3XL. Price: $18.

The second one is a black women’s v-neck with gray logo and font. Sizes: Women’s Adult S to 2XL. Price: $25.

The last one is a black men’s crew neck with gray logo and font. Sizes: Youth XS to Adult 3XL. Price: $22.

To get an idea of sizes, a woman approximately 5’5″ and 150 lbs would fit in the women’s Large and men’s Medium.

The women’s v-neck is more form-fitting than the men’s crew neck.

These are the prices I am paying for them, not including shipping fees or taxes. I’m not making any money from this (I would never want to make a profit off VIXX), and I’m not charging you for shipping. I just want VIXX to see Starlight support when they look out into the audience.

I will be hand-delivering these t-shirts to those of you who order. You can pick them up from me on Saturday morning at KCON, or at the Friday night Starlight meet-up (see my post about that).

You have until next Monday, July 28th at 10 PM Pacific Time to order and pay for your t-shirts.

I will be ordering them the next day, and it will take 10 days to complete and ship the order. So, I can’t take orders after July 28th. Sorry.

If you’d like to order, drop me an email at mamafangirlsue@gmail.com, with the shirt(s) you want, the size(s), and quantities.

I will send an email back to you, confirming your order and giving you instructions on how to make a payment.

Orders with payments received after July 28th will not be fulfilled.

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