Okay. Okay. I know I’ve had these boys before as my Noona Killers of the Week. But, come on! Have you seen them?!

Got7 weekly idolLast night these fabulous boys killed me with a performance on M! Countdown’s 10th Anniversary Special, and I realized I shouldn’t suffer alone. You all must suffer along too.

GOT7 in suits M CountdownSo here it is, GOT7 performing a cover of some of Rain’s greatest hits. A match made in KPop Noona Heaven.

If these boys keep killing me like this, GOT7 will gain status as my Perpetual Noona Killers of the Week! How about we just go ahead and crown them that already?

What did you think of GOT7 covering Rain? Did you scream at the camera person as much I did (zooming OUT when Mark comes on?! Why?!)? Let me know!