Excuse me while I squee: BTS in LA

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since the fateful day.

The day my heart was pulled out, stomped on, and shattered by 7 beautiful boys, then rudely shoved back at me so I could put the pieces together all by myself.

BTS in LA resizeBut I’ll get over it. I’m getting better. I can finally speak about it.

Monday, July 14, 2014.

The day I saw Bangtan Boys at the Troubadour in my hometown. Sigh.

BTS Show and Prove 2My heart! I still can’t believe I was one of the lucky 200 to see these magnificent boys.

It all started with the tweets:

BTS in LA tweet 1BTS in LA tweet 2BTS in LA tweet 3

For over a week before these tweets, I had been kicking myself for not making the effort to see BTS while they were in LA.

BTS in LA 12
The beach! Of course they’d be at the beach!

From tweets and pictures they had posted, I knew where they were and in what areas I could find them.

BTS in LA 11
North Hollywood
BTS in LA 13
Hollywood Blvd.
BTS in LA 14
Walt Disney Concert Hall

I was just too busy to ever make the trip. They remained always 50 miles or so away from me. Only 50 miles. And I was too busy!

So, when I saw Bangtan would be performing at the Troubadour, I just had to drop everything and go!

A free concert! At the Troubadour, which only holds 500 at best. And only 200 were going to be allowed in!

I arrived at the venue early, around 8:30 AM and there were over 150 people waiting ahead of me already. I was so scared I wouldn’t get in.

Luckily, a very smart and organized fan furnished a book for everyone to sign, and then we were given a number to correspond to our place in line. The venue honored that list, and we were allowed to leave the line for a few hours, knowing our positions in line were safe.

BTS in LA 7 BTS in LA 8Early evening, when I saw these tweeted pictures, I knew it was time to line up again. But this time to get in.

It was a breeze getting into the venue when the time came. I wish all line-ups could be as organized.

The Troubadour is a tight, compact little venue with the stage at almost waist-level to those lucky spectators in the front row. I’ve been front row there and it is a fantastic vantage point (see my videos of Lawson on Youtube to get the idea).

This time, though, I was at the back, in the bar. And it was still spectacular. I wish I had pictures, but we weren’t allowed to take pictures or video, as we were being filmed for the upcoming reality show.

The crowd of 200 gathered together in the small standing-room pit, awaiting Bangtan’s arrival. You could feel the body heat rising.

Then the lights dimmed, and the roar was deafening. I could see the boys’ Los Angeles hosts and mentors up in the balcony looking down at the crowd, mesmerized by the fanatic screams.

And then the boys came out from the left side of the stage. All seven. So angelic, with perfect halos of light surrounding their beautiful faces.

They formed the familiar 2-3-2 windows formation of We Are Bulletproof, pt. 2 and I lost it. Rap Mon in the front of the formation, with his gorgeous blond hair hanging over his eye. I completely lost it.

The boys looked taller up on stage than I imagined they would. They filled the little stage with their power and fantastic stage presence. I was awe-struck.

Unfortunate technical difficulties plagued this first song, as the audio kept cutting out, and the boys had to make do for a bit. They soldiered on. Singing and dancing a capella when the music finally stopped completely. The Bulletproof dance is powerful anyway, but to see them dance with such precision WITHOUT music was breathtaking.

Too bad they were forced to stop and leave the stage for a while, while the music situation was figured out.

When they came back to perform Bulletproof again, they did it again with expert professionalism.

After they performed the song, Bangtan showed us what they had been learning in Los Angeles. This concert was called “Show & Prove” after all. So, that’s what they did!

They showed us their new skills in beatboxing and street dance, and proved to everyone that they are true rappers. A highlight was their rendition of their mentor Warren G’s song “Regulate.”

My favorite highlight was their rendition of the gospel song “Oh Happy Day,” made complete with the first verse from their own song, “Tomorrow.” My heart stopped when I heard Suga’s voice rap those familiar lines.

After each boy showed us his new-found talents (Jin does an impressive helicopter impression), they did a cute Q&A by pulling questions from the audience, which had previously been written on post-it notes.

Those boys do some killer girl group dances. And I think I fell in love with Jimin when he sang Taeyang’s “Eyes Nose Lips.” I definitely fell for Jungkook after he sang “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber.

I think the whole audience fell in love with J-Hope. If he wasn’t your bias before, he was after. He was just a total doll–gorgeous and sweet, with a smile that rivaled the sun.

And my boy V. Oh my! His face was so magical! I can’t even explain how perfect he looked up on stage. Even in the heat of the lights blaring down on him, he never lost his beautiful smile. His hair turned from soft and fluffy to matted and sweaty, but he still looked like an angel. And that deep voice! It kills me! Such a baby face with such a voice. I don’t get it, but I love it!

After the showcase part of the show, it was time for the concert part. They performed “I Like It” which is my favorite song of all time by them, “Boy In Luv,” “Attack on Bangtan,” and finished the set with “No More Dream.”

I couldn’t believe I was witness to it all. They were perfection! Singing live, rapping live, dancing with all their might on that small stage without missing a beat.

I was so proud of them. Proud that they came to LA and conquered. Proud that I was there for their first performance in America.

After the audience filed out, I managed to linger in the venue a little longer. I was talking to management, looking for belongings near the stage, doing whatever I could do to stay there.

As I was looking down near the stage, I noticed a figure on stage walk right up to me at the edge of the stage. I look up, and it’s Jungkook. My heart jumped to my throat. He’s looking directly into my eyes as I turn a bright red, I’m sure. He tells me “hello” and bows, a deep bow. For me! I was shocked, surprised, startled. All I could do was squeak a “hello, Jungkook” back at him. I think he was surprised I knew his name.

Then the other boys came out behind him! I backed away from the stage so I wouldn’t look like I didn’t belong there. And I witnessed this magical moment right before I left the venue.

BTS TroubadourI actually saw them taking this picture! It’s something I’ll always treasure.

So, there it is. The reason why these boys destroyed my heart. I hope I didn’t bore you, but I wanted to get it all out. I’m sure I’ll recover soon. At least until I see them again at KCON. Sigh.

(credit for all pictures: @BTS_twt and @bts_bighit)

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  1. ;A; Omg sounds perfect!!! I’m so happy for you!!! I hope I’ll get to see them when they come to Europe too.

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