Song of the Week: Henry – Fantastic

I’m barely getting around to this, I know. But I’ve been so busy listening to Infinite and f(x) and C-Clown and all the July rookies that I forgot the lovely Henry made a comeback. Yes, I’m a bad person!

Though it was released on July 11th, I am making Henry’s Fantastic my Song of the Week!

Henry fantastic 7

Now, why do I consider it my Song of the Week, you ask? Well, I’ve only listened to it half a dozen times in a row now. That’s all.

Henry fantastic 4

This time around, Henry has a more mature sound. It’s still fresh and youthful, but not as childish as I considered 1-4-3 (I Love You) to be. Sorry, Henry fans. I still love him!

Fantastic is a pure pop song. It’s radio-friendly. I could definitely hear an English version of this song on American pop radio. But it also has that interesting addition of the classical violin. I think it’s a great hybrid of pop and classical, done well.

As for the video, it doesn’t stray too much from the SM Entertainment dance-in-a-box videos. It looks like Henry’s Trap mixed with SHINee’s Everybody, with a little TVXQ! thrown in for good measure. It’s okay, but I’d like to see something new from SM now. I think Henry deserves more than the standard music video concept.

Now for the choreography. Can I just say “sexy”? I wish I could see an all-dance version of this to get the full feel, but I love what I see in this video so far. Choreographer Brian Puspos did right by Henry.

Henry fantastic 1I see Brian all over this choreo, and Henry and his backup dancers are up to the task of tackling his choreography. The moves are slinky and smooth, the dancing is crisp and tight, and the dance point is all kinds of sexy.

Henry fantastic 3That “fantastic” hand motion to the nether region is straight-up playful Puspos. And that swaying, bopping, arms-over-head move during the “Whoa, oh, whoa, oh, ohhhh” part in the chorus is one of my favorite moves in Brian’s repertoire.

Henry fantastic 2Okay, can you tell I’m a Puspos fangirl? What can I say? I love dance and I especially love good choreography.

As for Henry? His voice is on point and he’s cuter than ever. I love the hair color and the outfits, and that moonwalk across the floor while playing the violin was replay-worthy.

Henry fantastic 5 I just have one question? So, does the violin turn into the girl, or was it the girl all along, or just his imagination? I guess that’s more than one question. I’m confused. Oh well.

Henry fantastic 6

Good song, Henry!

What did you think of Fantastic? Was it fantastic for you? Let me know!