Sorry I’ve Neglected You…

Wow. Where do I begin? The last few weeks have been crazy, to say the least!

Just a quick recap:

  • I’ve had to watch my four-year-old niece as my sister battles severe morning sickness
  • I’m planning a wedding.
  • I’m helping my procrastinating daughter read two books and write essays before school starts on Monday.
  • I had clothes, supply, makeup and accessory shopping for the new school year.
  • I had two family vacations.
  • I had a three-day weekend of KCON sandwiched in between the two family vacations.
  • I had two birthday parties for people in my immediate family.
  • I’ve still had to do the every day cooking, cleaning, marketing, dog care, car maintenance things a mom has to do.
  • Oh…and we bought a house. Which means I had to jump through all the hoops, walk through pits of fire, sign away my rights to my first-born child, and fill out my entire life history on hundreds of different documents at least a dozen different times. In blood.
  • And now we have a house. So I had to do all the legwork of calling utilities and cable and furniture stores.
  • And now I have to do all the shopping for an ENTIRELY EMPTY HOUSE. Before Labor Day weekend.

Needless to say, I’ve had zero time to blog. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

Please don’t forget about me. I’m still trying to keep up with all my KPop loves so I can fangirl and squee with you all very soon.

And I will write a recap of my KCON adventures as soon as I can. In the meantime, check out my YouTube channel for lots of KCON fancams.

I’ll leave you with one set of pictures and one video I haven’t had time to squee about. These, more than anything else in the last two weeks, have left an indelible impression on my fangirl soul.

Bangtan Boy Dark & Wild comeback pictures (that’s my figurative tear on Suga’s cheek):

Leo in Blossom Tears, destroying my fangirl life (that’s my figurative heart in his jar):

Did you squeal as much as I did when you first saw these BTS photos? Did you scream as loud as I did when you got to the end of the Lyn and Leo video (sorry, neighbors)? Let me know and wish me luck in my way too busy life! Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve Neglected You…”

  1. Oh goodness! Those pics of BTS… They’re such noona killers! (Especially Jimin and his arms of death. Holy monkeys!) And Leo in the “Blossom Tears” MV… Don’t even get me started! The feels that boy makes me suffer are just too much for this poor zombie to handle! I die every. single. time. I watch that MV. Heck, I don’t even have to watch the MV to fall over dead, just hearing the song makes me crumble. I weep every time I hear it. (Maybe that’s why it’s called “Blossom Tears”???) I can totally feel your pain about the crazy busyness of life! Mine isn’t quite so hectic as yours but still, it’s full enough of crazy to keep me hopping. I think I need to move out there so I can help you get your new house in order. I love shopping for house stuff and I think we’d have a lot of fun, squeeing over idols as we picked out couches and dining tables. Haha. I can see us now…

    1. haha! Yes, move out here so we can squee while doing anything together. Shopping, coffee, driving kids to school. No day will be squeeless. 🙂

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