Too much K-Pop goodness! – BTS’ American Hustle Life

Hello my lovely readers! It’s been ages (or at least 3 weeks)! I had the busiest, craziest summer, but it has finally ended. Whew! And, Yay! Everyone is back to school and work, houses are in order, and I can write again!

So, what’s been happening? I’ve been so behind on everything!

Today, I finally caught up with BTS’ American Hustle Life. Have you seen it?


Oh my gosh. Let me just say one thing: After watching 6 episodes, I’m so in love with V, it’s not even funny!


Okay, maybe it is a little funny.

I can’t help it though! He’s just so darn cute! I find myself yelling at him through my computer monitor, “You’re so flippin cute! Stahhhhhhppp!”


V can simultaneously make me cry, laugh, squeal, shriek, swoon, and clap like a performing circus monkey, all in one episode. Thank heaven I’m alone while watching. I would probably scare my family!

I don’t understand why he has such a hold on me. It’s indescribable and completely irrational. And totally unstoppable.

I just have to go with it. I try to ignore him and only watch the other members, but he’s so charming!

If you haven’t watched this show, it’s kind of a reality show. At least that’s what they want you to think (really, though, are there any real reality shows?). The show follows Bangtan Boys throughout their excursions in Los Angeles, the home of West Coast Hip Hop.

In their two weeks or so here in my hometown, the boys of Bangtan soak up the local culture and learn what it really means to be “hip hop.” They’re given assignments and tasks by their mentors and various tutors, which they have to complete to win rewards. Along the way, they gain knowledge to help further their careers.

Episodes 1 through 6 have already been shown on Mnet in Korea, but you can find English subs floating around (*cough* Daily Motion *cough”).

The show itself is funny and heartwarming and adorably cute. I think it helps that the boys are all of those things too.

Some things are a little fake. Like, really, Rap Mon couldn’t communicate with his “kidnappers”? I doubt that. And they are clueless about hip hop, even though they rapped underground for years while sampling American music? Hmmm. And how were all the women who showed up for the music video shoot the most beautiful ones the boys met on the street? Can we say “staged”?

But some things are pretty amazing too. Like their own personal renditions of Warren G’s Regulate. I hope to hear each boys’ version on a later show. They truly opened their hearts through their words.

The best thing about the show, for me, is seeing my boys in all my old haunts. I’ve been to almost every place they go to. Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Compton, Dodger Stadium, Koreatown, Hollywood. Even the King Taco they eat at! I squeal each time I recognize something. Except when they mention L.A.’s “famous” Skid Row. I howl! Is it really famous outside of LA? Wow. Again, I am glad my family isn’t in ear shot.

Through out it all though, I find myself slipping and watching only V. He’s just TV gold. His reactions are stellar and his English is the cutest thing you’d ever want to hear. When he tries to pick up women in Hollywood…oh my. He’s sweet and endearing, like a scruffy puppy. No wonder all the women on the show think he’s adorable.

I really do love the other members too though. Jimin is a doll who doesn’t give himself nearly as much credit as he deserves. Jungkook is an adorable, mischievous little brother. J-Hope has my heart with his focus and determination. Suga tugs at my emotions with that little face. Rap Mon has such a lovely, polite personality and an English vocabulary better than mine. And Jin just melts my heart the way he takes care of the others (and his beatboxing is the cutest).

But V. That boy is something special. At least to me.

He’s the “pretty boy” of the group with a “dumb blond” personality, according to his mentors, but that’s not the reason I find him mesmerizing.

It’s that voice! The voice just gets to me! I feel like Miss Iris, the R&B tutor in episode 6, when she hears V sing.

It just moves me! So deep, rich, soulful. Aaagh! V, stahhhhhhppppp!

What’s been your favorite episode of American Hustle Life so far? Do you cringe at the “reality” of it sometimes, like I do? Are you looking forward to seeing their L.A. showcase episode? Let me know!

And read my recap of that incredible showcase here: BTS’ LA Showcase.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here in the corner, nursing a major V crush.

Credit to all YouTube users whose videos were used in this post.

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  1. Okay, I’m sold! Forget the dramas, forget the writing, I’m not doing anything until I watch at least the first couple of episodes! I’ll be back to squee once I’ve caught up. If not sooner… 🙂

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