Learning from a Tragedy: Ladies’ Code

Ladies Code 4

My goal with this blog is to fangirl. I giddily fawn over idols and let you in on my happiness. Rarely, if ever, do I let the outside world intrude on my little fangirl world.

I make it a point to leave all the inevitable scandals, controversies, and sadness in the KPop community out of this blog. In doing so, this blog has become my happy place and, I hope, yours too.

But I can’t move on now unless I acknowledge the sorrow I have felt these past few days.

The KPop world, the music world, and the world in general have suffered a terrible loss with the tragic deaths of two beautiful young women.

I struggled a lot with the thought of not posting anything about this (again, to keep my “happy place” intact). But I had to. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m bandwagoning, or trying to get hits on this blog, or whatever other sinister ulterior motives anyone thinks I might have.

My heart is hurt, and it’s bidding me to write this. So I must.

I love Ladies’ Code’s music. Pretty Pretty was one of my favorite songs last year. They were one of the bright spots of 2013, and definitely my favorite female rookie group. But, like I am with so many other girl groups, I never bothered to learn the girls’ names. I loved the music, their performances, their spunk and sassiness, and their amazing vocal talent. But individually? I didn’t know them.

That is, until September 3rd. After this horrible day, I know their names.

Ladies Code 3

I wish I didn’t have to know their names.

What crushes me about this is, I have two daughters. Two amazing, beautiful daughters who just go about their day, living life to the fullest. Making plans for the future and anticipating a wonderful, long life. Not expecting anything like this to happen. Just like EunB and RiSe.

And as a parent, you entrust your child with others and expect them to be safe. To be taken care of. If you can’t be there to do it yourself.

But that didn’t happen. I don’t know what the circumstances were in this particular case, but I’ve seen it enough in person to know. These idols are being carted through cities and freeways and busy traffic and ridiculous intersections and their safety is being neglected. Drivers speed, rushing from event to fansign to performance and back again. And the majority of the idols don’t wear seat belts. And the managers and officials and people entrusted to care for them are not telling them to.

Watch any reality show or variety show or documentary about and including these idols and you will see it. They aren’t wearing restraints. Even when they come to America.

They must believe that the big vans they are being whisked away in are protection enough. But they aren’t.

Idols are young though, and believe they are invincible. Just like my daughters believe. That’s the nature of a young adult. They don’t expect the worst to every happen. So someone older and experienced should be there to tell them, to demand they wear seat belts.

Yes, I know restraints won’t help sometimes, such as in an accident as bad as Ladies’ Code were in, but it doesn’t hurt. And I know, wearing a seat belt is an inconvenience and it’s cumbersome, but the alternative is far more difficult. Restraints could be the difference between life and death.

As a mom, I am heartbroken for their parents. No one should go through such anguish. They gave their children to the agency and were expecting fame, fortune and happiness for their daughters. Not this.

It’s terrible this happened, but I hope the KPop world doesn’t allow this moment to fade without learning something from it.

Maybe their drivers will drive a little more cautiously in bad weather. Maybe their drivers will slow down a bit. Maybe they’ll thoroughly check the vehicles they tote their precious cargo in. Maybe they’ll not over-book these poor young men and women, forcing them to race from schedule to schedule. Maybe they’ll insist their idols wear seat belts.

Something has to come from such a senseless tragedy.

One thing it did do was bring the entire KPop community together. Fans and followers of the group or not, everyone was there to comfort each other. And it was heartwarming. But now I think we should all come together for another cause: to demand the safety of our idols.

If they have to curtail their schedules a bit, we may not get to see them as much as we’d like, but I think we can all agree that their well-being is first and foremost.

Ladies Code 1

I wish all the Lavelys, friends and family, and members of Ladies’ Code peace and serenity during this difficult time. And may EunB and RiSe rest in peace.