Song of the Week: 2PM – Go Crazy!

2pm go crazy teaser pic

What time is it? Well, it’s time for another Song of the Week! And this time the song comes from 2PM!

I’d been anticipating this comeback for months! The song, called Go Crazy!, was actually supposed to be released at the beginning of summer but instead was moved to the end of summer. Way to keep a fangirl waiting, JYP!

Have you heard it? It was written, composed, arranged and produced by Jun. K. It’s playful, fun, and a total party song. Pretty much what 2PM does better than most any other group. Think of it as Hands Up 2.0.

But it also has full, rich and masculine vocals. Also what 2PM does better than most any other group. Who doesn’t sigh when Taecyeon looks into the camera raps? His voice is just so manly.

2pm gc 4

And the harmonies between Jun. K and Junho? Aagh! My fangirl heart fluttered. A lot.

I really love this song. The lyrics aren’t thought-provoking at all, nor is the video itself. It’s just fun. Sometimes we all just need to have fun. Careless fun. Who’s with me?

As for the dancing: wow! It’s ridiculously strenuous. They’re basically hopping on one foot while they sing. What?! I can’t wait to see them perform this on music shows. It’s going to be madness! But that Bernie dance. Ugh. Nope. Just nope. They look cute, but I can’t deal with that dance.

My only other complaint, and it’s a big one: What did they do to my bias?! I swear! Nichkhun ALWAYS gets the comeback shaft. Be it with ugly hats, awful hair, or horrendous outfits. And this time he had both awful hair AND a horrendous outfit. Ugh!

2pm gc 2

And to think, his super short fringe in the teaser pictures would have been an improvement!

2pm gc 1

Can’t I just always have this shaggy-haired Nichkhun? Always and forever please?

Nichkhun shaggy hair

Okay. Back to the matters at hand.

This song is a blast, the MV is silly and cute, and the dance points are crazy, but the styling leaves a lot to be desired. They don’t look as mature as they did in A.D.T.O.Y. and Come Back When You Here This Song, but you can’t always have perfection.

And boy, wasn’t A.D.T.O.Y. perfection? Sighhhhh (except for Nichkhun’s hat). Oh well.

So, what do you think of 2PM’s “Go Crazy!”? Will you buy their upcoming album? Are you excited that Jun. K is finally getting his songs to be singles? Let me know!

And, here’s a sampler of the upcoming album if you can’t wait to hear it in its entirety: