Quick Appreciation Post: HIGH4 – Headache

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Yet another rookie group has turned my head. What is it about the rookies this year?

This time it’s HIGH4 with Headache.

I’m obsessed with this song right now. It’s so cute!

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The music is so retro! It reminds me of being a baby teenager and loving New Edition. It’s just so 1983! Yes, I told you…I’m old! 🙂

Don’t judge me. We didn’t have many boy bands back then. 🙂

Anyway, Headache is just a fun, light, and funky little song with a darling MV accompaniment that perfectly introduces the adorable members to us.

The song lyrics remind me a little of INFINITE’s Inconvenient Truth, in that it’s a boy telling a girl she’s too pretty and how all boys, except him, are wolves.

high4 9

It’s a little on the possessive side, but HIGH4 makes it sound endearing rather than pushy.

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The MV is slightly different from the lyrics, as it turns the girlfriend from the song into their fantasy girl (BESTie’s Haeryung)…

until she magically appears at the end.

high4 11

Like I said, I really love this song by HIGH4, but…

The dubstep dance break is totally unnecessary. It ruins the mood of the song and it’s just so overdone. Please groups, agencies, writers, producers, everybody: no more dubstep! It’s dated now. It was kind of interesting in 2011, but it’s just rather cringe-y now. Sorry.

high4 10

And, besides, the boys hide their cute faces with Jabbawockeez-ish masks and that’s a big NO for a fangirl like me. Dance like Jabbawockeez? Yes. Hide your face like Jabbawockeez? Never! But that Alex is a darn good dancer!

Though I don’t think this is considered their debut, this is the first time the boys have ventured out on their own. That is, without IU or Lim Kim in the mix.

Though I love the boys all ballad-y and slow-jammy, I’m so glad they released such a bouncy single as Headache.

So, what do you think of this song? Does it remind you of the ’80s? Were you even alive in the ’80s? Ugh. Don’t answer that. But let me know what you think of HIGH4!

Bonus: If you’d like to see Alex and the boys in action, here’s a dance version of the MV. They look so cute in all their pink-suited glory.

4 thoughts on “Quick Appreciation Post: HIGH4 – Headache”

  1. I’m sure this is totally random but I just have to ask if I’m the only one who thinks Alex looks a bit like Block B’s P.O? Just wondering.

    I do like this song and HIGH4 and I’m happy to see so much from them so early in their career. I think working with IU and Lim Kim was a great move for this rookie group as I’m sure it got them quite a bit of exposure before they stepped out on their own.

    Like you, I’m reminded of the ’80s when I listen to this song (and yes, I was alive then) and suddenly I’m fighting off the urge to wear leg warmers and use an entire can of AquaNet to get my bangs to stand 12″ high. 😉

    As much as I like this song, I agree that it could’ve done without the dub step, it really didn’t fit with the rest of the song. And the masks… Just no.

    I wonder if the boys of HIGH4 are still searching for their next muse or if that was just a pre-debut thing. I think it’d be great to see them working with other amazing artists (Lyn, perhaps?) but it’s equally great to see them standing on their own two feet. (8 feet???) Either way, I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. This is one group I’m definitely gonna keep my eye on!

    1. Oh gosh. Please no 12″ bangs. I hope I burned all those pics of me when I had the chance. 🙂

      And you aren’t the only one who thinks he looks like P.O. I do too. Mixed with a bit of SHINee Jonghyun, especially when he wears the glasses. That’s not a bad combo!

      1. It’s not a bad combo at all! Too bad we can’t say the same for the ’80s bangs. That’s one style I hope NEVER comes back! 🙂

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