Fangirl Flashback: EXO – Growl

exo growl 1

Let me start with my dirty little secret,  When I first started liking K-Pop, I literally thought K-Pop was just the name of a group. Imagine how I felt when Sue told me it was actually a genre of music! (I’m sure Sue is shaking her head laughing at me right now).

As you can tell, I had a lot to learn. But I was a willing student. So Sue gave me some homework. One of those assignments was to watch a video featuring a little group called EXO.

exo growl 2

The song? Growl.

Wow! What a way to be introduced to K-Pop! This was one of the very first songs that caught my attention, for oh so many reasons! Amazing choreography, outstanding vocals, 12 gorgeous boys – what more can a girl ask for?!

EXO growl 3

I first watched their “Live” stage, and immediately fell in love with the 360 degree aspect of the choreography. Each member is showcased–highlighting his playful charms–and the charismatic interaction with the camera makes you to feel as though each boy is singing just to you.  Which he is…Right?? A girl can dream anyway.

Next, I watched the official MV and this is where it started getting overwhelming for me. You have the Korean Version, the Chinese Version, then a second version of each of those….aagh! Where to start?

(For the sake of time,  I’m just going to focus on the Korean Versions. But be sure to watch the Chinese Versions too. There are some vocal changes that are well worth watching!!)

The first version takes place in what looks like an abandoned warehouse, with flourescent lights flickering on and off and the boys in those beloved school uniforms.  The 360 choreography remains intact, and here is when I really noticed the clever play with the baseball hat. Very cute.  What I loved the most about this version is being able to really see the full dance at 2.05. It’s my favorite part of their choreography.

The second version is more theatrical, and here is where you begin to see the solo shots of the boys. This is really helpful if you are trying to learn names, or match the voice or part to the actual singer. The Vocal Line–Baekhyun, D.O., Chen and LuHan–do an amazing job, but you really see here how all the supporting vocals from the rest of the group make the song complete.

Lastly, I watched the dance practice videos and…wow. I will agree with Sue 100% on this, the dance practice videos tend to be the best. They have that raw feeling, and I am able to focus more on their dancing talent than the vocals.

And lets just be honest, Kai totally steals the whole video at the end with that smile.

exo growl 4

So, that’s how I started becoming a K-Pop fan. And now I know the names of groups. And now I know K-Pop is not the name of a group. Unless there is one out there I don’t know about yet. 🙂

What song or group started your adventure into K-Pop? Which version of Growl is your favorite? Tell me in the comments and watch this space for another Fangirl Flashback soon!

Bonus:  For the 2013 MAMA Awards Show, EXO did a mix of Growl and Wolf and it’s FANTASTIC!!!  With additional choreography and a dance battle! Yeah, this is by far my favorite video of Growl.