Song of the Week: Teen Top – Missing

Wow! TEEN TOP is back! Aagh! Can I get an “Amen” from my chorus of Angels?

Teentop missing 2

This week they released their comeback single called Missing and its accompanying video, and OH. MY. GAWD. The song is so good! And the video is even better!

Lordy, those boys are getting hotter by the minute (And I can say that cuz they’re all over 18 now)!

Yup. Changjo is still my bias (even sitting in a chair, his dancing is spectacular),

Teentop missing 1

but that C.A.P. Whew! He is a masterpiece.

teentop missing cap

The song is rather sad, about a toxic love, but it’s so groovy! Just my kind of song. It’s subdued sexiness, not in your face. And the vocals are majestic. No flashy runs or awkward rap breaks. Everything just blends so smoothly.

teentop missing 5

But the video! Ugh! It’s heartbreaking. It looks like C.A.P., C.A.P.’s girlfriend and L.Joe are great friends, but life gets difficult when C.A.P. heads down the path of drugs and partying. The scenes in the bathroom with L.Joe crying over C.A.P.’s overdose (?) are beautiful in their aching sadness.

And did I mention, the boys are HAWT?!

Do the boys a favor and get yourself a copy of Exito, the EP this single comes from.

Teentop missing Exito

Or download the EP from US iTunes (or your country’s iTunes). Either way, you’ll make these adorable boys very happy, which they need after such a sad video. 🙂

Oh, and watch this space. There may be a nice little giveaway of Exito in the near future!

What do you think of the new single? Did the video make your bias list a little wobbly and unstable? Let me know!


5 thoughts on “Song of the Week: Teen Top – Missing”

  1. I finally got to watch this video on my laptop vs my iPhone and Oh My Goodness, this is by far my favorite Teen Top song now. Niel’s voice is magical.

    1. Niel’s voice is gorgeous here. And I love that Changjo gets so many lines. And I never noticed how beautiful L.Joe is until this video. Has he always been this good looking? Where have I been?! Now let’s hope Ricky can be showcased soon. He’s a little doll.

  2. I actually really like this comeback. Far more mature than I anticipated and YAHS to all the members of the group being of age.

    1. The mature thing really does suit them well, which I was surprised by. They are all still so young but they’ve actually been allowed to grow up with this song. I hope it continues because I personally love this side of them.

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