K-Pop Poster Giveaway!

My lovely friend, the zombiest of mammas, and I were lamenting our lack of private wall space the other day. We have lots of beautiful K-Pop posters just waiting to be used, but where to put them all?


In an ideal world, every one of them would have a prominent place on our walls. But…we have families. Husbands and children who would rather chew on wall tacks than have K-Pop posters hanging on their living room walls. Wow. Apparently taste doesn’t run in our families. 🙂

Anyway, that’s where you, my lovely readers, come in. Since I can’t put up all these posters, I’d like to give some away to you!

How will I do that? Well, by running a contest!

Follow me here or on Twitter, and send me your entry: either in a comment below or in a mention on Twitter.

And how do you enter? Show me a picture or two of your barren walls–your sad, lonely space just begging for bright, flashy K-Pop posters–and I’ll pick three lucky readers to win a variety of posters each!

Here are some of the posters you could win:

(By the way: The BIG BANG ones have been put up before, so they may have torn corners or tiny holes from pins.)

Along with a picture of your empty walls, tell me who you would like to see grace your space. If I can accommodate you, I will definitely send you your choice of posters.

Here’s an example:

Dear Sue: Look at my ugly wall. Please help me fill it with posters of SHINee!



You can request specific batches of posters, like mostly EXO, mostly Changmin, some SHINee, or everything BIG BANG.

Or you can just tell me you want to be surprised and I’ll send you a variety.

But I’ll be choosing winners randomly, so it will be first-chosen, first-served. That means I’ll do my best, but you might not get every poster you want.

I’ll be choosing winners next week! You have until Tuesday, September 30th at 10PM Pacific Time to enter.

Now, let me see those sad walls!

Good luck!