Song of the Week: Troy – Why Are We?


Oh happy day! This song is already on US iTunes and guess who bought it? Me! Oh my gawd. I can’t stop listening to it! It’s so good!

Troy is back again and better than ever! They debuted in March of this year with Green Light, which I loved, but this new song? Aagh! It is everything!

To say I have a thing for Bumkey’s voice would be the understatement of the century. That smooth, silky falsetto and that sexy, lilting “mmmm” he croons so effortlessly. Oh lordy! What his voice does to this fangirl.

Troy 6

And the other members are right there with him with their raps and sub-vocals. Jaewoong, looking extra good (even with the plastered hair and shirt on!)

Troy 4

Changwoo, who should always look like this,

Troy 1

And NEVER like this,

Troy 3

And maknae Kanto, who still gives off a slight Zelo vibe for me in the looks department (but less so here than in Green Light).

Troy 5

They all complement each other so well on this song. It’s just groovy, throwback R&B music I could listen to forever. Why, oh why, did the ’90s have to end?!

Actually the ’90s jams are alive and well with Troy. And I am one happy mama for that.

As for the video? Ugh. It’s okay, but I think they spent way too much money on that car and not enough on anything else, especially a stylist.

Troy 7

And that concert hall in the background,

Troy 2

I think I might have seen it once or twice before

EXO - Miracles in December
EXO – Miracles in December
M.Pire - Not That Kind of Person
M.Pire – Not That Kind of Person

Anyway, so-so video or not, Troy’s new song is amazing!! Go get yourself a copy today!

And if you don’t know Bumkey, here are a couple of tasty morsels to get you wanting more…

Ok. So in that INFINITE H song, Bumkey is not actually in the video, but sings the chorus. And it’s my sorry excuse to include my INFINITE boys. 🙂

Oh, wait. Here’s another:

TROY’s Kanto featuring INFINITE’s fearless leader, Sungkyu. You’re welcome. 🙂






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