My Infinite Love for INFINITE

Infinite back practice

It’s a blessing and a curse to be an INFINITE stan.

A blessing, because they’re ridiculously active, so it’s easy to see them in everything they do.

A curse, because when you’re an obsessive fangirl like me, it’s easy to see them in everything YOU do!

Such was the case yesterday, when I reviewed TROY’s MV for “Why Are We?” and wound up referencing the amazing men of INFINITE.

And such is the case today!

Today, I’m highlighting three INFINITE-related ventures that I can’t get enough of!

First up, a great new song by the lovely girls of Crayon Pop.

Their song “C’mon, C’mon” comes from the OST to Hi! School: Love On, starring Woohyun and Sungyeol of INFINITE!

In this drama, the boys play high school students, conveniently named Woohyun and Sungyeol. Glad I don’t have to remember new names!

Hi School Love On

I love this song! It’s a no-holds-barred, unabashed retro throwback to my ’80s clubbing days, filled with keyboards and funky bass.

It’s reminiscent of the girl groups I loved back then. I’m all about that old-skool, freestyle, Expose vibe!

Thanks, Woohyun and Sungyeol for indirectly turning me onto this song. Now let’s all go dance!

Next up, the drama My Lovely Girl.

My Lovely Girl promo poster

Now, I’m not really one for dramas. I like them, but my attention span doesn’t allow me to sit still and read dialog, so I don’t watch too many of them. I can actually count on one hand how many I’ve actually completed from start to finish. All, but one, have INFINITE members in them. Sorry I’m predictable. 🙂

Anyway, My Lovely Girl has, of course, INFINITE members! This time it’s Myungsoo (L) and Hoya, who play members of a boy band called Infinite Power. Quite a stretch, isn’t it?!

Infinite Power poster

Myungsoo and Hoya have actually been in my favorite dramas ever, Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Reply 1997, so I’m extremely excited for this drama. Oh, and there’s Rain too, who’s always very nice to look at.

Finally, there’s a new boy group I can’t help noticing. They’re called ZPZG, and their song is called “Go Crazy” (not to be confused with 2PM’s “Go Crazy”).

Actually, I think the song should have been called “Driving Me Crazy,” since I never once hear “Go crazy.” Go figure.

I like to call these boys Zip Zig, but I don’t really know yet how to pronounce their name. ZeePeeZeeGee? Zap Zag?

ZPZG Go Crazy 3

Anyway, I love this song. It’s yet another throwback to the ’80s dance-pop sound. It’s super cute, light, and fun…and severely catchy. I really can’t get it out of my head today! It’s driving me cray-ay, ay, ay, azy! 


If you’re wondering how INFINITE is related to them, they aren’t. At all.

I just can’t help seeing Sunggyu in the face of one of the boys. He looks just like him!

ZPZG Go Crazy

Maybe it’s just me seeing INFINITE in everything, but tell me he doesn’t look like Sunggyu.

ZPZG Go Crazy 2

I can’t wait to find out his name. He’s already my favorite member!

So, there you have it. My week with INFINITE. I can’t help seeing these boys in everything I do, and now I hope you see them in everything THEY do!

Oh, and just so you understand exactly why INFINITE is my ultimate bias group, here’s their practice video of “Back,” released just today! Aagh! Can you hear me screaming all the way from California?!

So, are you loving these two dramas, or Crayon Pop’s new song, as much as I am? Also, what do you think of ZPZG? Does he look like a young Sunggyu, or am I just delusional (which is actually not a rare thing)? And what do you think of INFINITE’s practice videos? Aren’t they everything you could ever hope for? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “My Infinite Love for INFINITE”

  1. You know, with all the dramas I watch, I haven’t gotten around to watching “Hi!School: Love On” yet but I have started watching “My Lovable Girl” and Oh My Goodness! It’s absolutely fantastic! I’m completely hooked on L’s character, he’s such a bad boy but I can already tell, he’s really just wounded and misunderstood and oh yeah… so irresistible. There’s just something about his voice… and his smirk… and his hair… and… Yeah, he’s just great. Of course, having Rain as the star only makes this drama that much better. He’s so great and really, he’s come a long way since his days in “Full House”.

    As for ZPZG, I really don’t get what’s up with their name… Zest Play Zest Grow… What does that even mean? I’m so confused! At least their names are easy to remember! Khan, Kang, Gyeom & Jihoon (who’s the baby and you don’t even want to know when he was born! It makes me want to cry!) On the upside, their song is so much fun and they’re so cute! It’ll be fun, seeing where these boys go from here.

    In the meantime, I shall join you in squealing over a new INFINITE dance practice video, especially now that I’m on a bit of a Myung Soo high. Oh my gosh! Can this video get any better? Woo!

  2. I have infinite love for INFINITE, too! I see them in everything I do: math, my dorm room number reminds me of their debut date, etc. They’re the reason I’m watching these dramas. I’ve been following Hi! School:Love On, but haven’t caught up with all the episodes of My Lovely Girl yet.Thanks for sharing Crayon Pop’s new song. I’ve always liked their style. I didn’t see ZPZG’s MV until I saw your post about it. I definitely love the fun and happy ’80s dance-pop sound of it. There is some resemblance between Sunggyu and Khan. I think Khan looks like Jhameel, who my friend thinks looks a bit like Sunggyu. INFINITE’s practice videos are always amazing!

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