The Daily Squee: GOT7’s Jr.

My friend and I were talking about pretty boys (of course) and it got us waxing poetic about how one little picture, video, or gif of them can turn our humdrum day into the Best Day Ever!

A smile. A wink. A little laugh. Anything adorable or smoldering will do.

All we need to brighten a dreary day is a daily squee, elicited by one of our boys.

So, now those squees will be here!

For my first squee, I’d like to present something that escaped me these last few months. I don’t know how I missed this, because it’s so spectacular.

From a GOT7 photo shoot for the August 2014 issue of 10 Asia Magazine, it’s Jr. and a lollipop.

Oh my gosh, that little nose crinkle at :20. Aagh! I could write sonnets about it!

So, was that squee-worthy to you? On a scale of 1 (Yawn) to 10 (Let me at him!), where would you put this? I’d put it at 11. 🙂

Let me know what you think below! And let me know what’s got you squeeing lately.