NKOTW – Jimin from BTS

Jimin 10 Asia video screen cap 2

I haven’t had one of these in a while! I think it’s because I tend to squee over everything about everyone! Yes, I know. It’s a problem!

It now takes something insanely special to make me deem it “Killer-worthy”.

Well, today is that day. I’m declaring Jimin from Bangtan Boys my Noona Killer of the Week…eek…eek. (That’s echo). 🙂

Yes, Jimin deserves echo, because he’s so ridiculously amazing!

Jimin (4)
(Credit to the owner)

See? Now, why exactly is he my NKOTW? Because he killed me, and revived me, and killed me again this week!

First were pictures. He just knows how to work that camera, doesn’t he?

Then, it was my non-stop listening of Let Me Know. It’s been my favorite song since their full album dropped.

Not just my favorite BTS song, but my favorite song.


When Jimin hits that mother of all high notes at the end, my mouth drops in awe. Every time.

Finally, this fantastic spectacle sealed the deal. 10 Asia Magazine released videos of Bangtan’s photo shoot for their upcoming issue, and Jimin stole the show for me.

Let’s see, shall we?

Aagh! When he smiles, I swoon. When he smolders, I squeal! When he bites his lip, I squeak and flop around on the floor and my heart stops and then it starts again and then I have to watch it all over again!

Jimin 10 Asia video screen cap 1

In other words, he KILLS me! Despite the semi-cringey, come-hither music, I can’t stop watching this video! Ugh.

So, because he hurts me so, I have to make Jimin from BTS my Noona Killer of the Week.

Did you see all the Bangtan  Boys’ 10 Asia videos? Which one was your favorite? Let me know!