The Daily Squee – Moonchul from Royal Pirates

Moon RP My ValentineI heard this all last night. Seriously. On repeat. It helped me fall asleep.

Or maybe it didn’t.

I forced myself to stay awake just to listen to it in my dark and quiet solitude.

This was released a few days ago, but I found it yesterday and my life found new meaning.

Okay. Maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic, but take a listen to Moon from Royal Pirates on Jung Joon Young’s radio show “SimSimTaPa” and you too might encounter this video’s life-giving qualities.

He’s covering Paul McCartney’s My Valentine and it’s fabulous.

I am such a fan of Moon-chul’s voice. And him. And Royal Pirates. He definitely deserves a squee.

What do you think? Is it worthy of a squee or two? If you know Royal Pirates, what are your favorite covers (or originals) they’ve done? Let me know!

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