The Mind of a VIXX Fangirl — in 30 seconds

Just so you know, I should have posted this a couple of days ago, when the actual teaser came out. I had it all ready to go, but life got in the way. Funny how motherhood, marriage, and household duties get in the way of important things like fangirling. Let that be a warning to you girls out there. 🙂

Error teaser full VIXX

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on in the mind of a fangirl? How about an ultimate VIXX fangirl?

Well, wonder no more because I am about to let you into my head!

The following is a re-enactment of my Starlighty squee spree while watching the teaser for the new song by VIXX called Error, which is scheduled for release on October 14th.

These are the actual thoughts that went through my head while watching these glorious 33 seconds.

I’ve included the audio here if you’d like to follow along with background music. Always the helpful Starlight! 🙂

Hongbin Error teaser Abs0:00 – Oh my gawd. Beanie abs.

Error 2

0:01 – Wait. Who hurt my baby?

Error 30:03 – Ugh. Shirt. Open.

Error 3a0:04 – She hurt him. Don’t hug him!

Error 3ab

0:06 – Sad baby!

Error 3b

0:07 – No, Beanie!

Error 40:08 – He’s pretty.

Error 4b0:09 – Hey, she looks familiar.

Error 4a0:09 – Oh, she’s sick. Now I feel bad.

Error 50:10 – He’s pretty.

Error 5a0:11 – Oh my gawd. She’s dead! Now I really feel bad.

Error 60:11 – Stop crying! Too pretty!

Error 70:12 – Ooh. Beanie chest.

Error 80:13 – Heck yeah. VIXX!

Error 90:13 – They’re killing Leader!

Error 100:14 – N! Hat!

Error 110:14 – Rrrravaaay

Error 120:15 – Leo in the center!

Error 130:16 – You work those pants, Leo!

Error 140:17 – King Leo is calling me!

Error 150:17 – Blehhhh [my tongue fell out]

Error 160:18 – Ken! Baby!

Error 170:18 – Hyukkie, stahp!!!!!

Error 190:19 – Kill me, why don’t you?!

Error 200:20 Ooh! Cool set.

Error 210:20 – Oh my gawd! They’re spinning!

Error 220:22 – Nope.

Error 230:22 – Uh uh.

Error 240:23 – Hongbin. Stop.

Error 260:24 – Oh my gawd. My heart.

Error 270:24 – Aagh! It hurts!

Error 280:25 – I’m dying!!

Error 290:26 – Ugh. His lips! I can’t.

Error 300:28 – Awww. Poor baby. Look at him!

Error 310:30 – 0:33 – What just happened?! Aaaaaaaagh!!!!!!


And that is what occurred in my head in about 30 seconds.

As you can probably tell, I was a wee bit excited for this teaser. It’s not every day your ultimate bias is on display so magically for you to lick the screen admire.

I had to go back and watch again to listen to the song, since the first time, I was only focused on the visuals. And by visuals, I mean Hongbin.

Hongbin crying Error teaser

So, the song. I think it’s gonna be epic! Truly! Piano, sweeping violins, “woah ohh ohhhh”s, dance beat, drums. I hate to compare, but it’s got that INFINITE kind of drama I love so much. It sounds like a Triple Crown winner to me!

But we’ll have to wait a couple more days to hear the full song.

In the meantime, just feast your eyes on Hongbin–I mean, the teaser–like I’ll be doing. 🙂

So, what do you think? Is the fangirl mind a conundrum? A vast wasteland? Familiar to you? Let me know below! And tell me what you thought of this teaser. I’d love to know I wasn’t the only one spazzing uncontrollably.

2 thoughts on “The Mind of a VIXX Fangirl — in 30 seconds”

  1. Hahaha! I love this. Great reaction and so very true. I can’t wait for Vixx to come back. It’s raining boys in Kpop at the moment and I’m so very pleased. I’m sure they will get a win on all the shows this time. Yes, let’s aim for triple crown! Just let my BtoB boys get a win first. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked this. I was afraid to expose my ultimate fangirly-ness (yes, I make up words) but I couldn’t resist in this case. VIXX gave me so much to work with!

      I would like to see BtoB win for their new song. It’s so cute. And they all look so adorable, not like they ever don’t. Haha. Seeing both groups on music shows at the same time is always so much fun. Glad to see they’ll both be promoting right now. They are my two favorite groups together. (Hyuk and Sungjae interaction is the cutest!)

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