Second Biases

If you are a fangirl (or fanboy), I can almost guarantee you have a bias. You may even have a bias in a number of groups. But do you have a second bias from each group?

A second bias? Yes. He’s that one boy in the group who tries your patience and makes you doubt your bias list.

VIXX Error group

He’s the one who would have been your bias if you hadn’t already given your heart to your bias.

Bangtan Just One Day Japanese

He’s the member who turned your head during a particular era; maybe even just a bit more than your bias during that era (Shocking, I know. Oh, the scandal!).

Infinite New Challenge Group

As I have personally been afflicted by this particular dilemma, I will now go through some of my favorite groups and reveal my second biases. Don’t worry, top biases. I still love you.


My bias is L, or Myungsoo, and has been since Be Mine era. In fact, he was my very first K-Pop bias!

Myungsoo in black

But most people may not know that, because I’ve been known to squee over many of the members of my ultimate bias group. These boys have particular eras in which they became my second bias.

Forced to choose though, I would pick Sungkyu as my second bias since he actually dethroned Myungsoo for almost a full year. Shh. Don’t tell Myungsoo. His solo CD and this hair did if for me.

Sunggyu red hair 60 seconds


Hongbin is the visual of VIXX, but he’s so much more than that to me. He makes my heart happy. The smile. The dimples. The hair. The voice. The sweetness. I’m sighing. If you can’t tell, he is my ultimate bias.

But, we are here to talk about second biases.

And do you know who my second bias in VIXX is?


Rawr! This is a lion that makes ME roar! He’s been awfully close to surpassing Binnie a couple of times in the past two years.


Especially when he looks like this.

But alas, he will always come second to my Hongbin. He puts up a great fight though!


My very favorite member forever and always will be Jongup. He’s adorable and sweet and oh so talented. Not to mention insanely gorgeous!

Jongup LOE
Credit to owner

But if there were no Jongup in B.A.P, I would choose Daehyun in a heartbeat. In fact, Daehyun was my bias during B.A.P’s first year (Jongup was still a baby and, therefore, ineligible for bias status). Oh, the sacrifices older fangirls must make.

Daehyun paisley jacket

Daehyun has one of my favorite voices in music. I could listen to him sing for hours. I could write poems about the way his nose crinkles during high notes. And those lips! Oh my!


My bias in EXO is Lay (he actually shares ultimate bias status with Hongbin. How can a person choose?).

Splitting EXO units, my bias in EXO-M is Lay and in EXO-K, it’s Kai.

I just love dancers, and these boys are both amazing! They’ve both been my biases since debut. That’s not going to change either.

But…if I had to choose another bias who wasn’t either Lay or Kai, it would definitely be Chen.

His voice, his looks, his sassiness. Everything about him is irresistible. I could talk about him forever, but instead I’ll just bless you with my favorite pictures of him.


If you’ve read this blog before, you probably know my love for BTS. I have such a huge space in my heart reserved for these boys. Especially for their little alien, V. This, right here, is my bias, dear readers.

V Coolio AHL

But, of course, I have a second bias. And that would be this lovely boy:


Yes, Jimin. I fell for him before V actually, during debut. But I stayed away because he was the obvious choice for me. Flirty, dark hair, adorable smile, dancer.

Though it was hard to deny Jimin, I did it. V ultimately captured my heart, but Jimin is still waiting in the wings, ready to steal me away.

Darn boy.

So, who are your second biases? Do you feel guilty for loving more than one member of a group, or is your motto “the more, the merrier”? Are you the complete opposite of me: a one-bias kinda fangirl? Do you have a strict bias list that no one else can ruin? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Second Biases”

  1. I’ve always said my love for my UB will one day be the death of me but in reality, it may be my love for all of my second biases… There are just so many! Having VIXX as your ultimate bias group pretty much guarantees you’ll have an entire group of seconds, at least it does for me. My undying love for Leo will never waver but that doesn’t mean Hongbin, Ravi, Hyuk, Ken and N don’t put up a good fight! They each have their moments when they make me weak in the knees but they can never quite reach that level of love that I have for Leo. The same can’t be said for groups such as GOT7, however. JB has always been a bias of mine (even before GOT7) so his place in my heart has always been secure but Yugyeom arrived on the scene with his attitude and his smile and my heart immediately went to him. I know I shouldn’t let myself fall for him but the harder I try to avoid him, the more he catches my eye. Dang boy! Stop being so darn adorable! Please! This poor noona won’t be able to resist your charms for long! And then there’s BTS… There’s nothing I can say about that bunch of dorks except that I love them. And yes, I mean all of them. Jimin holds my heart but every other member is vying for that top spot and who am I to stop them? I think as long as Jimin keeps flashing that irresistible smile, his position as my favorite is secure but you never know… An entire group of adorable is hard to resist!

    1. So, let’s see. You have Leo and all of VIXX, JB and Yugyeom…and then BTS. Maybe just Jimin but probably not. Haha. I think I have it now. So I guess you take the position of more than one bias in a group then? 😉

      1. Pretty much! I mean why limit yourself to just one when you’ve got an entire band just begging for your love? Who am I to deny these boys my attention when they’re practically begging me to love them? What can I say, I’ve got a big heart and an unending supply of love. There’s more than enough to go around. Haha!

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