The Daily Squee – BTS Concept Photoshoot

Those flippin’ little brats.

Bangtan Boys can’t even let me rest a day without destroying what’s left of my very fragile heart! I just got VIXX dance practice late last night before bed, and then I wake up to this!

BTS Group 1 HW

Not fair! That was completely uncalled for!

BTS Group Sitting HW

And so was this:

They have totally decimated both my bias list and my bias group list. Decimated!

I can’t stop listening to their music. It is literally the only thing that keeps me sane when I drive alongside a mass of crazies on LA freeways. And the song this concept is for is no exception. I blast Hormone Wars on repeat to get me through the daily traffic.

And now they’re making a comeback with this very song! And there will be a video!

As for the boys themselves? Aagh! Stop being gorgeous! It hurts!

After this photo shoot, I have a whole new appreciation for the grocery store. Now let’s hope I find a V in the aisles. I better roll the large cart around the store, just in case.

BTS HW VI was going to the market to pick up some Suga anyway.
BTS HW SugaThese boys have ruined me. Ruined me.


3 thoughts on “The Daily Squee – BTS Concept Photoshoot”

  1. You’re not the only one sobbing in a corner over these boys! HOLY FLIP! I nearly squeed myself silly when I saw these pics today. I couldn’t breathe, it was that bad. I don’t know what to say about BTS anymore, like you, I’ve been ruined by them and the only thing I can do is in my corner and cry. (That and hope I can find a Jimin the next time I go to the grocery store. Noona killers? They’re stocked in Aisle 3…)

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