The Daily Squee – VIXX Error Dance Practice Video

Oh my gosh! Have you seen it? The VIXX Error Practice Video? It’s out!

vixx error dance practice 1

Starlights viewed the official Error music video, seen here,

over 1 million times, and today we got rewarded for it! This dance practice video is our reward for 1 million views.

I love dance practice videos! They’re my favorite! I love the street clothes and the fact that I can concentrate on the choreography without enduring horrible music show angles and camera work.

And aren’t the boys amazing?! I have to give it to Hyuk at 1:44. That rivals his wolf boy move in Voodoo Doll! So good!

Also, I love how the choreography of each single they’ve released ties in together. That’s a blog post for another day though.

If you’re wondering what’s in store for Starlights after such epic greatness as this dance practice video, look no further than this poster:

VIXX Error viewing pledge event

Then join me in viewing the official video…over and over again.

Less than 3 million more views until we get something extra special–so special it requires 4 question marks! What could it be?!